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About us

About Physiotherapy Services at Peninsula Health

Physiotherapy assists people to regain, maintain or improve movements and skills to enable them to function as independently as possible. Physiotherapists use a range of manual skills, exercise prescription and education strategies in their treatments. They work as integral members of multidisciplinary teams.

The Physiotherapy Department consists of more than 100 staff and comprises Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Recreational Therapists, Allied Health Assistants and Receptionists. The Physiotherapy Department has a teaching partnership with Monash University School of Physiotherapy and several other educational institutions, providing undergraduate student clinical placements in Physiotherapy, Allied Health Assistance and Exercise Physiology.

We are committed to excellence in service delivery through the active promotion of quality improvement activities, supported by a structured professional Quality program. We actively promote and support ongoing professional development. Research is supported both within Physiotherapy and as part of Peninsula Health’s overall commitment to research and the delivery of evidence–based clinical practice.

Service Locations

Peninsula Health Physiotherapy services are delivered in multiple programs and sites across the health service including:

  • Acute services: Frankston Hospital, Rosebud Hospital
  • Subacute services: Golf Links Road Frankston, The Mornington Centre, Rosebud Hospital
  • Emergency Department: Frankston Hospital
  • Acute outpatients (Orthopaedic and Paediatrics): Frankston Hospital
  • Acute outpatients (Women’s Health): Frankston Hospital and Rosebud Hospital
  • Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee Service and Orthopaedic Waiting List: Frankston Hospital
  • Community Rehabilitation Program: Golf Links Road, The Mornington Centre and Rosebud Hospital
  • Community Health services: Frankston, Mornington, Hastings, Rosebud
  • Domiciliary Care: Golf Links Rd
  • Falls Service: The Mornington Centre
  • Continence Service: The Mornington Centre
  • Pain Clinic: The Mornington Centre
  • Spasticity Management Clinic: Golf Links Road
  • Transition Care Program: Golf Links Rd
  • Stroke Detours Program: Golf Links Rd
  • Elective Orthopaedic Pathways Program: Golf Links Road
  • Post-Acute Care: Golf Links Road and Rosebud
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy: Golf Links Road


For Patients

Finding us

There are Peninsula Health Physiotherapy services on a number of sites across the Mornington Peninsula. These sites include Frankston Hospital, Frankston Integrated Health Centre, Golf Links Road Rehabilitation, The Rosebud Campus, The Mornington Centre, Mornington Community Health Centre and Hastings Community Health Centre. Services are provided to inpatients and outpatients.

Service Locations

Frankston Hospital
2 Hastings Road
Ph: 9784 8100

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Hastings Community Health
185 High Street
Ph: 5971 9100

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Mornington Community Health
62 Tanti Avenue
Ph: 5970 2000

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Rosebud Community Health
1527 Point Nepean Road
Ph: 5986 9250

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Golf Links Road Rehabilitation
125 Golf Links Rd
Ph: 9783 7288

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Inpatient Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists provide care to inpatients during their stay. They work as part of the medical, nursing and Allied Health teams to provide assessments and therapy to assist with ensuring you achieve your goals during your hospital stay. This may include assistance with your mobility needs and teaching of exercise programs. If you are requiring further Physiotherapy after your stay in hospital your Physiotherapist will organise this.

Outpatient Physiotherapy

  • Your GP or specialist doctor can refer you for Physiotherapy via a written referral.
  • A central service called “ACCESS” is responsible for receiving all referrals and booking initial appointments. Your doctor can fax the referral to ‘ACCESS’ on 9784 2309 or you can phone ACCESS on 1300 665 781
  • Our outpatient physiotherapy services will provide you a limited number of treatment sessions to help you manage your condition, teach exercises and provide other self-management strategies.
  • There may be a wait for your initial appointment date, as there is often a high demand for appointments

Physiotherapy in your home

  • Physiotherapy is provided in your home under specific conditions, where this is not practical in the hospital or outpatient settings.


If you require an interpreter to be present during your Physiotherapy session, please let the reception staff know and this can be arranged for you.



For Physiotherapy Students

Physiotherapy Students


Peninsula Health Physiotherapy has an academic partnership with Monash University’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree program. We teach undergraduate students of all Year levels (one to four). Our Student Co-ordinator has an important role in overseeing our clinical educators (Physiotherapists), and facilitating student placements, timetabling, communication and professional issues with Monash University.

Peninsula Health also provides clinical placements for Allied Health Assistant and Exercise Physiology students from various educational institutions.



Annually our department provides approximately 60 student placements across most areas of our Physiotherapy service.

Teaching and supervision is principally provided by our Grade 2 Physiotherapists to students across clinical areas of Aged Care, Cardiorespiratory, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Aquatic Therapy and Community Health. Students move across sites and programs to complete their placements. These placements are designed to provide students with a wide-ranging exposure to patient-types and experiences.

Regular tutorials are given by Physiotherapists to the student groups to further enhance their learning and practical knowledge base. Students are also encouraged to attend our own continuing education forums and clinical Stream Inservices.

Our Exercise Physiologists teach approximately 12 students throughout the year in our community health services located in Frankston, Hastings, Mornington and Rosebud. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in clinical areas of Musculoskeletal , Neurology and Diabetic care as well as cardiac, pulmonary and cancer rehabilitation.

Grade 2 Physiotherapy and Allied Health Assistant staff are responsible for teaching in the Allied Health Assistant student program. Approximately 20 placements are offered in areas of inpatient rehabilitation, aged care, transition care, stroke rehabilitation and community health.



Physiotherapy students are assessed via the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) and Exercise Physiology and Allied Health Assistant students are assessed through assessment tools provided by their educational institutions. We strive to structure our student program on being an interactive, two-way communication process between the students and educators. Students also provide feedback on the merits of our teaching program, which can be used as an improvement opportunity for subsequent placement blocks.


Job Opportunities

A strength of our service is the number of our final year students who in recent years have commenced their careers with Peninsula Health upon graduation.

Our graduating and Grade 1 Physiotherapists rotate through a comprehensive clinical rotation program across acute, subacute and community services.



Links and Resources

Links and Resources

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Australian Physiotherapy Association

Australian Physiotherapy Council

Monash University Department of Physiotherapy

Department of Veteran Affairs

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Contact Us

Physiotherapy Reception

  • Frankston Hospital 9784-7660
  • Golf Links Road 9783-7288
  • The Mornington Centre 5976-9001
  • Rosebud Physiotherapy 5986-3344

For all referrals and information about services please contact ACCESS on 1300 665 781