Clinical Services and Specialties

This page provides further information for clinicians about Peninsula Health’s Physiotherapy services.


Physiotherapy acute services are located at two sites, Frankston Hospital and Rosebud Hospital. Our Physiotherapists work as part of multidisciplinary teams across all sectors of care at these facilities.

At Frankston Hospital, the inpatient areas serviced by Physiotherapists include:

Surgery (General, Vascular, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, General Medicine, Respiratory, Oncology, Renal, Intensive Care Unit,  Paediatrics, Women’s Health , Neurology, Day Surgery and Acute Care of the Elderly, with the focus being safe and timely discharge.

A busy outpatient service operates from Frankston Hospital, servicing principally Orthopaedic, Women’s Health and Paediatric clients.

The Physiotherapy team in the Emergency Department are primary care clinicians, who manage patients with musculoskeletal injuries with the aim of preventing acute hospital admission where possible.

At Rosebud Hospital (Walker Ward), the inpatient areas serviced by Physiotherapists include general medicine and surgery (General and Orthopaedic) with the focus also being safe and timely discharge.


Subacute inpatient Physiotherapy services are located at:

1.)    Rehabilitation: Frankston Golf Links Rd. site, and Rosebud Hospital (Hillview Ward)

The Golf Links Rd. site contains two specialist inpatient units:

  • Stroke and Amputee
  • Orthopaedics/General rehabilitation

Physiotherapy services provide goal based therapy to meet individuals’ needs to maximise their physical function and level of independence.

There is also a large, purpose-built Aquatic facility where clients undergo Physiotherapy directed aquatic rehabilitation. Services are also provided to the Palliative Care Unit here.

Rosebud Hospital (Hillview Ward) has a specialist Movement Disorders inpatient program within its General rehabilitation unit.

2.)    Aged Care: The Mornington Centre

Physiotherapy services are provided to two Aged Care inpatient units. Within the care model one unit is principally Orthopaedic; the other principally Neurological clients. In 2014 a new purpose-designed Aged Care unit for care of dementia clients will open.

Outpatient Ambulatory

Physiotherapy ambulatory outpatient services are delivered out of Frankston Golf Links Rd. and Rosebud Hospital sites. Both sites have multidisciplinary teams who work under a goal-based care model in either a Centre based or Home based setting. Facilities are modern, with Aquatic services also delivered from Frankston Golf Links Rd. site. Group therapy classes form an important part of the care provided. A new purpose-built outpatient ambulatory setting will open at the Mornington Centre in 2014.


Community Physiotherapy services are delivered from the Frankston (Frankston Integrated Health Care building, adjacent Frankston Hospital), Hastings, Mornington and Rosebud Community Health sites. Physiotherapists manage clients ranging from paediatric to adult ages from a restorative, preventative and health promotion perspective. Group therapy classes also constitute an important part of care.

Domiciliary and Transition Care Program (TCP)

Domiciliary and TCP Physiotherapy services are provided to clients in their homes. Physiotherapy serves to provide an ongoing link between the client and Peninsula Health to ensure appropriate care is delivered and maintained.

Falls Service

Physiotherapists play an integral role in assisting those who fall or are at risk of falling. As in all other areas of the Physiotherapy service, the Falls Physiotherapists form part of the multidisciplinary nature of the Falls Service Team.