Carinya accommodation and pricing

Carinya is a Public Sector Residential Aged Care Facility, managed by Peninsula Health.

The Department of Health and Aged Care outlines the accommodation and pricing for these facilities.

Accommodation and pricing

All residents will be asked to pay:

  • Daily fees (everyone pays)
  • Accommodation Payments (means tested)

MPIR 7.06% (*effective 1 July 2023)

Option 1 : Pay Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
Option 2 : Pay Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

Maximum Accommodation Payment per RoomRADDAP
Single Room ensuite$550,000$122.81 per day

Option 3 : Combination RAD and DAP

Maximum Accommodation Payment per RoomRADDAP
Single Room ensuite$275,000$61.40 per day

Option 4 : 20% up front RAD with a non-cash DAP reduction (DAP is taken from RAD)

EG (based on $550,000 RAD)RAD (20%)DAP (deducted from RAD)
Year 1$110,000$98.25 per day
Year 2$74,140$106.25 per day
Year 3$35,357$114.91 per day
Year 4 (Top up RAD $120,000)$118,414$96.37 per day
Year 5$83,240$104.22 per day
Year 6$45,199$112.72 per day
Year 7$4,058$121.90 per day
Year 8 (Top up RAD $60,000)$84,563$103.93 per day
Year 9$46,630$112.40 per day
Year 10$5,605$121.56 per day