Wellness Clinic

Our Wellness Clinic operates Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm from our Community Mental Health Clinics in Frankston and Rosebud. The are also able to come and visit people in Peninsula Health Mental Health and Wellbeing inpatient and residential services. The Wellness Clinic is a multidisciplinary team made up of four clinical specialist disciplines including:

  • Enrolled Nurse
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologists
  • Accredited Practicing Dieticians
  • Registered Music Therapists

The role of our Wellness Clinic is to support you in promoting and maintaining physical health along with psychological, behavioural, social and functional interventions including:

  • Ensuring that appropriate interventions are put in place to improve your physical and psychosocial wellbeing.
  • Early identification of any risk of developing metabolic syndrome and/or other physical health comorbidities.
  • Early physical health intervention if you are commenced on medications that may impact your physical health.
  • Assist to coordinate liaison with external physical health services.
  • Provide access to timely integrated community based physical health care, treatment and support early in the illness pathway to optimise recovery and prevent development of physical health comorbidities.
  • Our Enrolled Nurses assist mental health clinicians with medication administration.
  • Provide a multidisciplinary team recovery approach to community-based clients which includes attention to their physical care and alternative therapeutic options through music therapy. 

Who we support 

Our Wellness Clinic is available to any person in an active episode of care with Peninsula Health Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

We are not able to offer support from our Wellness Clinic if you are not currently a consumer of a Peninsula Health Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

How to access the Wellness Clinic 

Please speak to your current Peninsula Health Mental Health and Wellbeing support team about accessing this service.