Hospital in the Home

The Peninsula Health Hospital in the Home Unit (HITH) provides a holistic and individualised approach to patients who are suitable for acute home based nursing care.

All patient care provided aims to meet the needs of the patient, the family/carer and the directives of the treating medical unit.

HITH patients are in-patients of Frankston or Rosebud Hospital who reside at home in a virtual ward.

The personalised care delivered to the patient at home is provided by experienced health care professionals and is available for up to two visits a day, seven days a week.

For those patients who are eligible, HITH may be utilised pre-operatively, following an in-patient stay, or may substitute a full ward (hospital setting) admission by being admitted directly to HITH via the Emergency Department, referral by Specialist or General Practitioner.

Patient eligibility criteria

  • Requires an acute in-patient admission, and would otherwise require to be in hospital if HITH not available.
  • Have a clear diagnosis, stable condition and medical plan of treatment.
  • Have an appropriate home, e.g. safe, accessible and no dangers or obstacles for both the patient and staff.
  • Have access to a phone.
  • Require no more than two nursing visits per day.

Patients are referred to the HITH program by medical referral to the HITH Doctor on call via switchboard.  Self referrals are not accepted.

The HITH Clinical Coordinator will undertake an assessment of each patient to ensure consideration of all individual needs and that the patient meets all eligibility criteria.

Service locations

Level 1
Frankston Integrated Health Centre,
2 Hastings Rd
Frankston, VIC, 3199

Short Stay Ward
Rosebud Hospital
1527 Pt Nepean Road,
Rosebud VIC 3939

Contact us

Business Hours: (03) 9784 7241 (Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 4.00pm)
After Hours: (03) 9784 7777 (ask to speak to the Hospital in the Home nurse)

Hospital in the Home operates seven days a week with medical / nursing cover 24 hours per day.  Visits occur seven days a week between 8am – 8pm