Intensive Care Research

Research is an integral part of our culture at Peninsula Health as it underpins the aim to provide high quality evidence-based intensive care. The last decade has seen substantial progress in critical care-related research generated from the Department of Intensive Care.

Research areas

Research interests at Frankston Intensive Care Unit are varied and include sedation, renal replacement therapy, nutrition, echocardiography and ultrasound, extracorporeal techniques mechanical ventilation and sepsis. The department has been a member of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society  (ANZICS) Clinical Trials Group (CTG) for many years and has collaborated on numerous multi-center trials. Links with industry have provided grants for further trials.

Collaboration with Fisher Paykel has created opportunities for evaluating methods of oxygen delivery and this data has led to international presentations and publications in peer reviewed journals.

Featured researchers

A/Professor Ravi Tiruvoipati

The Director of ICU Research and a PhD candidate with Monash University. A/Prof Tiruvoipati is investigating the role of C02 in mechanically ventilated patients. He has extensive experience in ECMO and was one of the lead investigators of the landmark CESAR study published in the Lancet.

Prof John Botha

A past member of The Sedation and Analgesia Advisory Board in Intensive Care (SAABIC) and multi centre research in ICU delirium and Sedation was completed with this group. He has been site investigator of numerous CTG trials and was on the Management Committee of the NHMRC funded Nephroprotect Trial.

Dr Kavi Haji

A PhD candidate with Melbourne University. Dr Haji’s thesis is on the role of bedside echocardiography and ultrasound on management of the critically ill.  The Research Co-ordinator is Jodie Prendergast, who holds a Bachelor of Science from Monash University and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from Deakin University.