Skin Integrity

Skin Integrity incorporates the care and management of wounds and the prevention of pressure injuries (previously known as bed sores or pressure ulcers) within Peninsula Health.

Patients of all ages can develop pressure injuries while in hospital. A pressure injury is an area of skin that has been damaged because of pressure or rubbing. Pressure injuries can be painful, difficult to treat and can lead to longer stays in hospital.

What we do

At Peninsula Health, we assess inpatients to identify if they are at risk of developing pressure injuries.

We do this by:

  • Using a world recognised pressure risk assessment document
  • Monitoring patients’ skin hygiene and using appropriate skin care products
  • Ensuring patients have a healthy diet or supplements to assist skin repair
  • Using pressure relieving beds, mattresses and other appropriate equipment for patients with fragile skin
  • Tracking improvement of wounds
  • Moving patients frequently to relieve pressure.
  • Keeping patients’ skin dry if incontinence is an issue.

Providing wound and skin care

A specialist nurse known as the Skin Integrity Clinical Nurse Consultant is an expert and responsible for the support of all medical staff in the care and management of all wounds over all Peninsula Health sites.

Peninsula Health manages approximately 1,000 complex wounds annually. Also each clinical area has a nurse that is a designated Skin Integrity Portfolio Holder. This nurse is a general nurse in the ward that has an interest in wounds, pressure injury prevention and maintaining skin hygiene. These portfolio holders are given extra education to help care and manage patients with wounds, pressure injuries and especially the prevention of developing pressure injuries. Both the Portfolio Holder and the Skin Integrity CNC work closely to ensure best care is delivered to each patient & current information provided to staff.

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