Inpatient Rehabilitation

Providing inpatient care to those requiring rehabilitation.

Following inpatient rehabilitation, most people are able to be discharged home and manage in their own community. Further assistance can be found through our outpatient programs.


Peninsula Health has two sites for inpatient rehabilitation at Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre (60 beds) and Hillview at Rosebud Hospital (15 beds). Inpatient referrals are managed by the Sub Acute Assessment Services team (see contact details below).

Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre

The inpatient unit at Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre (GLR) has two 30-bed units. GLR Unit 1 specialises in stroke, neurological and amputee rehabilitation. The inpatient unit at GLR Unit 2 specialises in orthopaedic rehabilitation including rehabilitation following fractures, elective joint replacements and for pain.

Rosebud Hospital

The Hillview Unit at Rosebud Hospital sees a mix of all rehabilitation patients and services those who live in the Southern Peninsula area. Some patients with special needs (bariatric requirements or a secure facility) are admitted to The Mornington Centre.

Contact us

To access this service, referrals can be made to our Sub-Acute Assessment Service. For more information call;

Sub-Acute Assessment Services
Ph: (03) 9784 8197
Fax: (03) 9125 8982