Forensic Clinical Specialist Program (FCSP)

Our Forensic Clinical Specialist Program (FCSP) provides you with an expert forensic mental health service at a local level. Our FCSP is supported and co-ordinated by Forensicare, the state-wide forensic mental health agency. 

The overall aim of our FCSP is to build the ability of our mental health service and our mental health community support service partners to provide you with effective and safe mental health care when there may be a risk of offending or reoffending and/or aggressive or violent behaviour.

Our FCSP works to improve partnerships and networking by being a key contact and referral point for mental health services, the justice system and support agencies within the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Areas. By working as an integrated system we believe we can provide you with safer, more effective mental health care.

Our FCSP may provide recommendations about services you can use to treat problem behaviours, in addition to the treatment provided by our mental health service. Our FCSP can make recommendations about your care to help keep you and those you care about safe.

Who we support/care for 

Our FCSP can provide support you are aged 16 years and above and living in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Areas.

Our FCSP is appropriate if you:

  • live with a serious mental illness
  • behave in way that that places you or others in danger
  • are at risk of contact with the justice system
  • have already had contact with the justice system and are at risk of reoffending

Our FCSP will also provide support if you are exiting the courts and prisons or on orders under the Crimes and Mental Impairment Act 1997 or Serious Offenders Act (SOA) 2018.  

Our FCSP provides consultancy only. Our FCS do not directly treat, provide care coordination clients, rather provide advice and support to a team who is working with the person.  

How to access the Clinical Forensic Specialist  

Referrals to our FCSP can only be made by staff from our mental health service, mental health community support services, Forensicare, corrections and prison services.