Physiotherapy Graduate Program

Providing a supportive environment for those commencing their career in physiotherapy.  

About the program

Our Grade 1 program offers 17 rotations across the acute, subacute, and community settings.  

Grade 1’s in our rotational program undertake four monthly rotations within clinical areas of ICU and cardiorespiratory, neurology, orthopaedics, gerontology, rehabilitation, acute outpatients and chronic disease management. Each rotation is supported by a framework for developing knowledge and acquiring skills. Grade 1s are invited to submit their preferences for each rotation to assist them in meeting their learning goals.  

The team at Peninsula Health ensures regular support and supervision as well as the opportunity to grow and develop your physiotherapy skills.  There is encouragement to undertake research and quality activities, professional development and continuing education with the Physiotherapy Department providing a friendly environment and a supportive workplace culture. 


Positions suitable for graduate Physiotherapists become available throughout the year, visit our career portal to view available positions.