Research & Clinical Trials

Peninsula Health provides a world-class service in the conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical trials.

Our clinical trials provide an opportunity for our patients to access new and developing treatments close to home and caters to all patients both in the public and private systems.

Peninsula Health is actively involved in national and multinational clinical trials for patients to gain access to potentially novel cancer therapies. This may mean a new treatment or a treatment being used in a new way – maybe for a different disease or in combination with other treatments.

View a full list of the current clinical trials being offered, and what stage they’re in.

Clinical trials may involve more visits and tests which are always optional and the benefit cannot be guaranteed. 

All research and clinical trials conducted at Peninsula Health are overseen by stringent ethical standards and in accordance with the Good Clinical Practise Guidelines.    

We have a team of dedicated clinical trial nurses working on multiple projects who actively recruit trial participants.  If you are interested in participating in any of our trials, please contact Cancer Services or our Research Department on (03) 9784 7777.