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Peninsula Health’s Telehealth Service

Telehealth is an easy way to connect you with health care providers, without the need to travel to Peninsula Health sites. A telehealth appointment is a normal appointment which operates on a monitor or TV screen and allows you to see, hear and talk as if you are both in the same room. For more information about Telehealth, download our information brochure or troubleshooting guide.

Please test the your computer set-up prior to each consultation to ensure your video and audio capabilities are working well.

Please note: you must use Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Firefox as your browser for Telehealth to operate correctly.

Should you require any assistance, please contact the clinic via the phone number on your appointment letter. 

You are not permitted to record or allow another person to record this session in any way or in any format. Including but not limited to audio recording/video recording/photographs/live streaming of the session.

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Important Information

COVID-19 has required a rapid transition to Telehealth to keep our patients and staff healthy. Your wellbeing, privacy and confidentiality remain our priority. If you do not have a safe place for this consultation or if you are worried about your safety online, please advise your clinician or contact Peninsula Health on 03 9784 7777.