Cardiac Angiography

A cardiac angiogram is required when needing to detect an obstruction in the coronary arteries of the heart.

The unit is located at Frankston Hospital and is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 4:30pm. An on-call emergency service is also available each weeknight.


Peninsula Health performs a number of procedures in the cardiac angiography lab, these include;

  • Same Day/Outpatient Cardiac Catheterisation
  • Right Heart Catheterisation and Cardia Output measurement
  • Left Heart Catheterisation/Angiographic Procedures
  • Myocardial Biopsy
  • Direct Current Reversion
  • Tranoesophageal Echocardiography
  • Permanent Pacemaker Insertion/Generator change
  • Temporary Pacing
  • Pericardial Aspiration
  • Elective and Acute Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Balloon angioplasty and stent)

Contact us

Cardiac Angiography Unit
Ph: (03) 9784 7153