Pregnancy and Postnatal Care Clinics

There are many care options available to women living on the Mornington Peninsula. Peninsula Health’s care incorporates antenatal, postnatal care and women’s health services.


For all clinics (except EPPAS and your initial booking in appointment), appointments can be made by calling (03) 9784 2600, on Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am – 4pm.

Booking-In Clinic

This is the first step in your pregnancy. It is advisable that you ask your GP to send your referral in as soon as possible, so we can provide a booking appointment in a timely manner. We try to conduct this appointment early in your pregnancy, to ensure you receive the important information regarding your ongoing pregnancy care. This is an opportunity to meet the midwives, and discuss your individual needs and requirements. We can assist you to choose the appropriate model of care, and provide access to any other programs or resources to help with your pregnancy journey.

Midwives Clinic

Our group of midwives provide antenatal care for healthy women with low risk pregnancies, in three locations on the Peninsula. Following clearance from your accredited GP (see our list of accredited GPs) or a hospital GP, midwives will provide your ongoing pregnancy care. During labour, birth and afterwards you will receive care from the hospital midwives on duty. This is available for women who are at a low risk of medical or obstetric complications during pregnancy, labour and birth.

These clinics run at:

  • Frankston Hospital Outpatients clinic
  • Hastings Community Health centre
  • Rosebud Community Health Centre (at the rear of Rosebud Hospital)

Koori Maternity Service (KMS) clinic

The Koori Maternity Service at Peninsula Health is for women birthing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander babies, who live in the Frankston or Mornington Peninsula area. Our service is non-judgemental and confidential, and we support you and your family every step of the way. We aim to meet your specific cultural needs in a sensitive and respectful way.

Midwifery Group Practice

Midwifery Group Practice offers individualised, woman-centred care with your own midwife throughout your pregnancy. They or their partner midwife will be on call for your labour and birth and will provide follow-up visits at home with your baby. This is called continuity of care.

Enhanced Maternity Clinic

The Enhanced Maternity Clinic provides the midwifery component to a collaborative multidisciplinary model of care. Our aim is to provide these women with continuity of midwifery and obstetric care with other clinicians joining the care team as required such as Social Work, Dietitian and Perinatal Mental Health Psychiatrist and Nurse.

High Risk/Obstetric Clinic

This model of care is for women requiring medical management of pregnancy, due to high risk factors, such as significant medical and/or obstetric conditions. Hospital medical officers, obstetric registrars and consultants who are on duty will provide pregnancy care. During labour, birth and afterwards, you receive care from midwives and obstetricians on duty.

These clinics run on:

  • Frankston Hospital Outpatients clinic
  • Rosebud Community Health Centre

Complex Pregnancy Clinic

This is a speciality clinic designed to look after women who experience high risk or complicated pregnancies, who will require very close monitoring throughout pregnancy, with frequent specialist ultrasound scans. Examples of women requiring this service include women:

  • expecting twins
  • with type 1 diabetes
  • hypertensive disease (high blood pressure before pregnancy)
  • small babies (<10th percentile)
  • with pre-existing, ongoing disease. 

Shared maternity care with a GP

Shared maternity care with a GP is for women at low risk of having complications in pregnancy. It is a cooperative arrangement between you, a GP with a special interest in pregnancy care, and Peninsula Health. You will also need to see a hospital doctor at least twice during your pregnancy, just so we can keep in touch with your pregnancy process.

We have a list of accredited GPs available if you would like to choose this option.

Private obstetrician or private midwife

It is important to still have your booking appointment with the midwife early in pregnancy, so we can be aware of your pregnancy plans, and offer any supplemental care that may be required (e.g. physio, childbirth classes etc.).

An obstetrician accredited by Peninsula Health will provide your pregnancy care. You will attend their private rooms for all of your pregnancy appointments, and they will organise any tests or investigations required, as well as plan your birth with you.

private midwife is suitable for low risk women. She will be in the position to guide you with investigations, tests and ongoing pregnancy care. You will need to see a doctor for clearance into this model of care, and we advise you to attend appointments with our hospital doctors later in pregnancy, to ensure everything is on track for a healthy and straightforward birth.

During your birth, you will be looked after by hospital midwives and medical staff who will work alongside your obstetrician. Your obstetrician or private midwife may or may not attend the birth. You can see a private obstetrician or midwife as a private patient using your health insurance, or as a public patient, covering your own out of pocket costs. This will not have an effect on your hospital stay.

Allied Health

Sometimes during pregnancy, you may need to see an allied health professional, such as a social worker, physiotherapist, dietician, diabetes educator etc. We can provide referrals for these at your booking in appointment, or as the need arises during your pregnancy. Please ask about these services if you require any of them.