Keeping Families Safe Program

The Keeping Families Safe (KFS) is a State-funded program that focusses on the safety needs of families when an adolescent is using violence at home.

The program is available to parents, carers, family members and young people aged 12-18 years, living in the City of Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Shire when adolescent violence in the home is occurring.

We work with families in a way that is non-blaming and non-shaming and seek to understand the different viewpoints within the family.

What is adolescent violence in the home?

Adolescent violence in the home means adolescents threaten, intimidate or use force to get their own way. The most common forms are physical violence, destruction of property, threats and intimidation, psychological, emotional and financial abuse.

Parents frequently feel afraid, embarrassed, ashamed and guilty.  They may also feel they no longer have any control over the situation in the family.

Safety is the program’s main priority

  • We work with adolescents to help them take responsibility for their abusive behaviour and to learn skills and strategies including; how to resolve conflict without abuse, developing respectful communication with others and to manage their own emotions.
  • We work with parents to develop a positive relationship with their adolescent. We can assist with options around new parenting approaches to help manage family conflict, enhance safety and wellbeing and improve family relationships.

What we offer

Using a combination of family work, case management and group work, we support young people and their families to establish non-violent ways of expressing anger and safe behaviours. We also provide support in making links to other community-based services when needed.

The program includes the opportunity for parents and adolescents to participate in group work along with other families.

The opportunity to participate in an 8 -10-week group program occurs twice a year (as required). The group runs in the evening, weekly, for 2 hours per session. The group process allows the young person and their family to join with others in working to become aware of abusive behavior and offers skills and strategies to learn new and respectful ways of communicating.

To join our program phone ACCESS on 1300 665 781