Pregnancy Care and GP Shared Maternity Care

Services are provided as a general guide to managing pregnant women who will give birth at Peninsula Health.

Guidelines have been provided for GP Shared Maternity Care Program affiliates, although can be used by other GPs, especially for information about care in the first trimester and minimum referral information required for triaging referrals. 

For GPs aiming to provide pregnancy care for women booked at Peninsula Health, it is recommended they apply to be accredited as affiliates with the Peninsula Health Shared Maternity Care Program. This program also provides ongoing education and communication for GPs to assist with providing the safest pregnancy care for women

For the general public please note: the information shown here may not be appropriate in every situation, and should not replace discussions with health professionals involved in your care. 

Referral pathways

Also see Women’s Health and Antenatal Clinics

Also see link to Having your baby at Frankston Hospital for information for pregnant women.


These guidelines have been developed by the Peninsula Health GP Liaison Unit and the Peninsula Health Women’s Services as a general guide to the management of women participating in the Peninsula Health Shared Maternity Care Program. They may not be applicable in every clinical case. They should not replace thorough clinical assessment and judgement.

Care should be taken when printing any information or Clinical Guidelines. Updates to these guidelines will take place as necessary. It is therefore advised that regular visits to this Website will be needed to access the most current information.