Allied Health Assistants

Allied health assistants, together with allied health professionals, are integral in supporting our consumers to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive, social and cultural function.

Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) work with allied health professionals to provide care and treatment to patients. AHAs may work within one profession, or across multiple professions to deliver care.

Who can use this service?

If an allied health professional is involved in your care they may recommend that an AHA join them to help provide your care or treatment. AHAs can only be involved in your care if you are seeing an allied health professional. The allied health professional has made sure that the AHA has the right skills and training to support you and has provided them with clear instructions on how to help you achieve your goals.

What do Allied Health Assistants do?

AHAs work across inpatient and outpatient community programs to provide care and treatment to Peninsula Health patients and clients under the direction and instruction of an allied health professional. Some examples of how an AHA may be involved in your care:

  • Organise equipment
  • Provide education
  • Information gathering
  • Wellbeing activities
  • Deliver and supervise exercise programs
  • Facilitate participation in activities of daily living

AHAs can work with patients and clients when an allied health professional is not present. The AHA will always inform the allied health professional about your progress and will not change your therapy without instruction to do so from the allied health professional.

Career opportunities

Job opportunities will appear on various online employment websites. Creating an account on the Peninsula Health career portal will enable you to set up a profile for any AHA vacancies to be sent directly to your inbox. To be successful in applying for an AHA position at Peninsula Health, you must have completed a Certificate I or IV in Allied Health Assistance or hold an equivalent qualification.

Student opportunities

There are several student Allied Health Assistant opportunities for student placements in our organisation. We have partnerships with various educational institutions and placements will be organised through your education provider.


For more information about the AHA workforce visit the Department of Health website.