Continence Service

More than one million Australians have a continence issue. Peninsula Health’s Continence Service works to assist people of all ages with their loss of bladder control in a supportive environment.

Who will benefit from Continence Service

  • Children, ante- and post-natal women, elderly, pre and post-operative prostatectomy, and post-operative gynaecology consumers
  • Individuals usually five years of age and above who have a continence issue
  • Continence Support Service program for children with a disability and continence issues
  • All age groups can have problems with bladder and bowel control, it is not just a problem for older people. One million Australians are affected.


Pre-Assessment and intake to the continence service occurs via ACCESS, a single point of contact for Peninsula Health’s Rehabilitation and Aged Care Services

Continence referrals may come from any source including the client, family, GP, specialist, or other advocate for the client. A medical referral is not necessary for acceptance of a referral into the continence program.

When a referral is considered appropriate for the Continence Service the Client or person responsible for the appointment is contacted and an appointment within a suitable clinic location is arranged to suit the client. A continence brochure is then sent to the client that includes the appointment details together with all other relevant details.


This service is available to residents of City of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

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Continence Service
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