The Orthotics team provides assistance to people who require a supportive device (orthosis) to be fitted to help them heal, maintain movement and allow them to function as independently as possible.

Service lnformation

As integral members of the Allied Health multidisciplinary team, Orthotists use a range of manual skills, exercise prescription and education strategies in their management. Orthotists are responsible for a clinical assessment and evaluation leading to the customising and fitting of the most appropriate orthosis for a range of pathologies.

We provide care and management for patients in hospital with:

  • Muscle weakness or reduced mobility
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Pressure injuries
  • Diabetes-related, and non-diabetes related foot ulcers

We also support patients who require an orthosis to help surgery be more effective.

Service Locations

Our Orthotic services are delivered to all inpatients across Peninsula Health including:

  • Acute services: Frankston Hospital, Rosebud Hospital
  • Subacute services: Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre, The Mornington Centre, Transition Care Program (TCP). Our orthotic services are delivered to outpatients attending the Orthopaedic outpatient department at Frankston Hospital.

How to access this service


Orthotists provide care to inpatients during their stay. They work alongside medical, nursing and other allied health professionals to assist your recovery and support you to achieve your goals. Any health professional providing you care will refer to the orthotics team for any assistive device you may require.


Orthotists also provide care to outpatients via the Orthopaedic department by providing casting treatment and orthotic device fitting for acute fracture management. Referrals are made by the Orthopaedic team during clinics.

Contact us

For more information on this service, contact 0402 292 975.

For inpatient referrals please email orthotics@phcn.vic.gov.au