Community Care – Residential in Reach Team (RIR)

Providing community care in the home environment.

About the Residential in Reach team

The Residential in Reach team (RIR) provides a multidisciplinary service to Residential Aged Care Homes in Peninsula Health’s catchment area.

RIR aims to assist residents in their own environment. It is a consultative service that offers prompt assessment and short-term support to prevent admissions to acute care where appropriate.

Service location

Frankston Integrated Health Centre
Hastings Road
(PO Box 52)
Frankston VIC 3199


SEMPHN After-Hours Toolkit

Palliative Approach Resources

Community Care for Falls, Infection, and Deterioration Resources


For general enquiries and referrals, contact Community Care.

Ph: 9788 1700
Fax: (03) 9125 8419