At Home and Community Care

Information for health professionals

This page contains specific information relevant to health professionals. If you are looking for Peninsula Health service information, see Services.

At Home is a collection of services that provide care in a patient’s home and/or community. 

The aim is to provide seamless and integrated care along the patient journey, with care wrapped around patient’s needs. At Home will enable more of your patients to receive care in the comfort of their own home or community environment.  Patients will receive treatments that would otherwise have been delivered in a hospital, saving a trip to the hospital entirely, or intervening before they require a hospital.

At Home refers to Peninsula Health services and not the name that is given to any particular home-based service. 

At Home can provide various services spanning rehabilitation, cancer care, general medical care, palliative care, general allied health, and care coordination, among many others.  Brokered services are included such as respite or domestic care. 

How to Refer

If you wish to discuss non-emergency care of your patient that may be suitable for care at home rather than as an inpatient in hospital, or presenting to the Emergency Department, please call Community Care:

9788 1700 Community Care. The automated menu option 1 is “Ambulance Victoria or Doctor” this will connect you to our Community Care Admin staff member that will be able to direct your call to the appropriate ANUM or Community Care / HITH doctor.

Visit our Patients & Visitors At Home page to see the list of available services

For urgent care, visit the Emergency Care page.