Mental Health Consultation Liaison

Mental Health Consultation Liaison Emergency Department (MHCL ED)

We provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week dedicated mental health service to people attending to the Frankston Emergency Department with mental health concerns. 

If you come to the Frankston Emergency Department with mental health concerns an experienced mental health professional will work with you and your support network to better understand what is happening, promote safety and coordinate follow up mental health care.   

Following a comprehensive assessment, MHCL professionals can provide access and linkage to all mental health services at Peninsula Health, including inpatient services at the hospital if required. MHCL professionals will work closely with your general practitioner (GP) and other treating professionals in coordinating appropriate follow up and care. 

Who we care for 

This service is available to people of any age who attend the Frankston Emergency Department with mental health concerns. 

How to access this service 

MHCL ED support is only available to people in the Frankston Emergency Department who have attended with mental health concerns and need immediate mental health support and care.  

MHCL is not available at the Rosebud Emergency Department currently. If you attend the Rosebud Emergency Department contact will be made with Mental Health Telephone Triage to coordinate the best way to support you. 

Mental Health Consultation Liaison General Hospital (MHCL GH) 

We provide specialist mental health assessment and support to people who are in medical wards at Peninsula Health. Our team of experienced mental health nurses and psychiatrists will work with you, your chosen support network and medical treatment team to develop a comprehensive mental health support and treatment plan.

On leaving the hospital MHCL GH can assist with accessing support from Peninsula Health Mental Health & Wellbeing Services or other community and local mental health service providers.  

MHCL GH is available Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00pm. There is an afterhours support option available to your medical treating team to assist with timely support and care. 

Who we care for 

We provide support for people of all ages in a Peninsula Health hospital bed admitted for medical issues.  

How to access this service 

MHCL GH can only be accessed internally by your medical treating team. In the course of your medical admission it is important that you raise any mental health concerns with your treating professionals regardless of how serious you feel they may be. This will enable your treating team to refer to the MHCL GH service for mental health support.