ICU Team

Professor John Botha is the Director of Intensive Care, and the Deputy Director is Associate Professor Ian Carney. The senior medical team consists of Dr Kavi Haji, Professor Ravi Tiruvoipati  (Director of Research), Associate Professor Andrew Davies (Director of Organ Donation), Dr Sachin Gupta, and Dr. Ashwin Subramaniam.

Kirsty Sullivan and Jo Stewart are the Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs), and are assisted by an experienced team of associate nurse managers (ANUMs). Each shift is managed by an ANUM who is supported by a Team Leader.

Each member of the senior management team maintains a portfolio, including quality, eLearning, equipment, infection control, resuscitation, pain management and various other administrative roles which ensure our standards of practice are current, evidence-based and are implemented.



CICM training

The Education Department of Frankston Hospital ICU is committed to both undergraduate and post graduate studies. Medical students from Monash University rotate through the ICU in their final year and the Department usually has 3 – 4 advanced trainees. Trainees are provided 12 months of core training and are given the opportunity to rotate through anaesthesia.

Trainees are exposed to all aspects of general intensive care and receive education in echocardiography and critical care ultrasound.

Physician BASIC trainees and advanced trainees from the College of Emergency Medicine rotate through the department.

Registrar Position Description (PDF 353KB)


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Allied Health

The ICU is supported by a range of allied health professionals, who assist in providing the best possible holistic care to our patients.

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Research and Administration

Frankston Hospital ICU has a strong research focus, underpinning our aim of delivering high-quality evidence-based care. The research department is led by Associate Professor Ravi Tiruvoipati (Director of ICU Research), and is supported by a dedicated Research Co-ordinator, and Database manager.

The operations of the ICU are supported by a number of skilled administrative staff, including Ward Clerks and a Personal Assistant.

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