Adult Speech Pathology

Assisting adults with communication and swallowing difficulties.

Adult inpatients – hosptial and rehabilitation

Speech pathologists work at all sites, and can provide follow-up care for communication and swallowing difficulties through one of our community programs. 

 Communication problems can include:  

  • Difficulty understanding what people are saying   
  • Difficulty speaking (trouble finding words, slurred speech)  
  • Difficulty reading and/or writing  
  • Voice changes

Swallowing problems can include:  

  • Coughing when eating and drinking  
  • Feeling that food gets stuck in your throat  
  • Difficulty chewing  

Speech pathologists work with people and their families and carers to:  

  • Diagnose the type of communication and/or swallowing difficulty.  
  • Provide advice and support.  
  • Support goal settings relevant to each individual and their situation.   
  • Provide therapy to support the communication or swallowing skills needed to reach these goals.  


Patients who are in hospital can be referred by any member of the healthcare team via the Electronic Medical Record.   

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Speech Pathology general enquiries
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