Frankston and Mornington Drug and Alcohol Service (FaMDAS)

Designed to assist people with Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment through a tailored support program.

The Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Drug and Alcohol service (FaMDAS) is the central intake point for Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services across Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. The service provides AOD treatment that is tailored to meet individual client needs and preferences.

By developing a treatment plan that identifies a person’s broader health and support needs as well as their AOD treatment needs, clients are supported to access other services such as mental health, accommodation, employment and life skill service providers.

FaMDAS Services

Non-residential Withdrawal

We can assist you to you manage your withdrawal symptoms if you want to cut down or stop using AOD. We can work with your own or another GP to assist you with accessing medications to reduce symptoms of withdrawal. FaMDAS does not provide nor offer residential withdrawal or rehabilitation, but we can assist you with a referral to such a service if appropriate or requested.


We provide counselling for a range of issues related to a person’s AOD use. Counselling can be individual or family-inclusive. FaMDAS counsellors can talk with you about using more safely, cutting down or stopping completely. FaMDAS provides services for people who have been court-ordered, are on correctional orders or need support with legal issues regarding their AOD use.

Care Coordination

Facilitate seamless and integrated treatment pathways for complex clients. By playing a critical role in your journey  through the AOD service they will work with both internal and external providers to ensure there is a smooth transtition and to help you remain on your treatment plan.  They work primarily to help clients achieve outcomes that will sustain positive, ongoing behaviour change and improve quality of life.

Community outreach

Social factors can play a large part in the patterns of substance misuse in different communities, and in some cases need to be tackled from a broader perspective than just focusing on alcohol and drugs.

We will work with communities that have particular needs in relation to alcohol and drug misuse to deliver culturally appropriate services and to support communities to address the social factors driving substance misuse.

Information for health professionals

Addiction Medicine Unit

The Addiction Medicine Unit and the community diversion program supports clinicians dealing with alcohol and drug related hospital admissions and emergency department presentations. For further information, call (03) 9784 8100.


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