Family Violence Support

Peninsula Health has a vision of a community free from family violence, in which healthy and respectful relationships are the norm, and people are able to live freely without fear or threats from others.

We are committed to providing support to those impacted by family violence and abuse, which can occur across the lifespan. This page aims to provide information about the support services available.

What is family violence? 

Family violence can take many forms. It includes:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Threatening or coercive behaviour that makes another person fear for their safety
  • Controlling or dominating behaviour that makes another fear for their safety.

It also includes behaviour that causes a child to hear, witness or otherwise be exposed to the effects of family violence.

Family violence can involve a range of people in family, domestic or intimate relationships. This includes partners, parents, children, siblings, distant relatives and even carers. Younger people can use family violence against older people, too – for example, children against their parents, or elder abuse.

If you are in danger or concerned for your immediate safety (or that of someone else), contact the police on 000 for emergency assistance. Further services and programs are included lower on this webpage.

Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence

Peninsula Health is proudly taking part in the Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence (SHRFV) initiative.

The initiative is part of the government’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence. It relates to Recommendation 95, which requires a ‘whole-of-hospital’ model for responding to family violence in public hospitals within three to five years.

Health services are in a unique and powerful position to better identify and respond to family violence across the lifespan. Peninsula Health is committed to a future free from family violence, where our communities can live without fear. The SHRFV Project aims to build our health network’s capacity to sensitively respond to, and improve, outcomes for patients and staff who have experienced family violence.

For further information on the SHRFV Project at Peninsula Health, or for any enquiries, please contact the Social Work department on (03) 9784 7073.


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