Adult Community Mental Health and Brief Intervention Team

Our Adult Community Mental Health & Brief Intervention Teams are based across two sites – the Tarnbuk Centre (Frankston) and Bayview House (Rosebud). You will supported to access the team that covers the area you live.

Your team will include:

  • consultant psychiatrist
  • medical doctors
  • pharmacist
  • registered and enrolled nurses
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • psychologist
  • peer support workers with lived experience
  • wellbeing workers

Our Adult Community Mental Health Teams provide:

  • Specialist mental health assessment and treatment including medical and allied health input to help reduce the impact of mental illness for you and your family.
  • Recovery oriented case management involves meeting regularly with a key worker who can support you, your carers and family to work towards identified recovery goals.
  • Targeted psychological interventions based on evidence of what works.
  • Support, advocacy & linkages with community resources. 

Our Brief Intervention Team provides:

  • Short term focused therapeutic intervention and support over a 2-4 weeks period.
  • Targeted therapeutic support that may be related to crisis intervention, anxiety management, emotion regulation, anger management, mindfulness, harm minimisation and reduction.   

Who we support/care for 

The Adult Community Mental Health & Brief Intervention Teams works with adults aged 26 – 64 living in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas experiencing a broad range of mental health conditions and psychosocial challenges. 

How to access the Adult Community Mental Health Program 

All new referrals to the Adult Community Mental Health & Brief Intervention Teams are made through Mental Health Telephone Triage.

You can self-refer or other people in your support network can make a referral for you.  

You may also be referred to these services from other parts of the Peninsula Health Mental Health and Wellbeing Service. If you or someone you care for has been referred to our Adult Community Mental Health & Brief Intervention Teams please contact the clinics directly for any questions you may have: