Transition Care

Transition Care provides short-term support and active management for older people after a stay in hospital or rehabilitation.

The Transition Care Program (TCP) is offered in both a residential setting and a home based setting. Transition Care is an initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and the Victorian Department of Health.

TCP is goal oriented, time-limited and targets people over 65 years of age at the conclusion of a hospital episode who require more time and support in a non-hospital environment to complete their restorative process, optimise their functional capacity and finalise exploration and access to their longer term care arrangements.     

Depending on a persons assessed level of need, TCP will offer several of or all of the following;

  • Nursing support
  • Low intensity therapy or rehabilitation (such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Dietetics and Social Work) to maintain physical and cognitive functioning and to facilitate improved capacity in activities of daily living
  • Personal care and domestic assistance
  • Medical support such as GP oversight (on the residential program only)
  • Case management including establishing community supports and services and where required, identification of residential care options.

The services provided as part of TCP are designed to meet a client’s daily care needs and provide additional therapeutic care in order that a client can maintain and improve their physical, cognitive and psycho-social functioning thereby improving the person’s capacity for independent living.

TCP Residential (TCR)

Peninsula Health presently has 46 beds on the TCR Program in 2 different locations on the Mornington Peninsula, one in Frankston and one in Safety Beach.

TCP Home (TCH)

The home based program has 15 places for patients who want to remain at home whilst receiving support from the TCP program.


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