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  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Sylvia Watson

    Peninsula Health Ward Clerk Sylvia Watson

    When our consumers, visitors and staff go into Walker Ward at Rosebud Hospital, there’s a good chance Ward Clerk Sylvia Watson is the first face they’ll see. While her smile may be hidden by a mask these days, Sylvia’s continuing to be the friendly and helpful voice she’s always been - ever since arriving at the health service in 1996. Described as “a heartbeat of the unit”, Sylvia’s day sees her doing a variety of things: from answering calls from the public to coordinating transport for consumers between home and their appointments. Colleagues say Walker Ward runs smoothly and efficiently, in part because of Sylvia’s great rapport with the rotating Intern team of doctors, who look to her for support throughout their rotations. Thank you Sylvia for caring for our community through Covid-19.
  • Q&A with Peninsula Health’s Elder Abuse Liaison Officer, Sue Leake

    Peninsula Health's Elder Abuse Liaison Officer, Sue Leake

    The following is a Q&A with Peninsula Health's Elder Abuse Liaison Officer, Sue Leake.

    What is your professional background?

    I am a qualified social worker with numerous years of experience in a variety of settings and roles including direct service, community development, case supervision and program management.

    Why did you decide to work in the field of elder abuse?

    I have worked in aged care for a long time, specifically with people living with dementia and their families. I am motivated by a belief in social justice. I am passionate about implementing a best-practice service response to older people who are vulnerable to elder abuse and the service providers that support them.

    When did you start at Peninsula Health and what does your role involve?

    A friend sent me a link to the Elder Abuse Liaison Officer role last year while I was on ...

  • Celebrating Dietitians Day 2020

    Valued members of Peninsula Health's Dietetics Department will be celebrating Dietitians Day 2020 

    The following blog post is written by the Peninsula Health Dietetics Department

    Today (18 September 2020) is Dietitians Day!

    This year is extra special as 2020 marks 90 years of dietetics as a profession in Australia.

    What is a dietitian?

    Dietitians are clinicians who have obtained qualifications through University courses accredited by Dietitians Australia.

    Dietitians provide people with both food and nutrition-related information and support, in order to improve their health and wellbeing. Dietitians are trained to assist in managing medical conditions through diet.

    Meal tips to thrive during lockdown:

    • Borrow, swap or buy a new cookbook for inspiration. Isolation can be a fantastic time to try out some new recipes or cuisines.
    • Set up your dining table as if you are in a restaurant. Remember to play some fitting music (try searching Spotify for restaurant music to suit different cuisine types). ...
    • Concerned about cancer symptoms? Don’t delay

      Peninsula Health Head of Oncology, A/Prof Zee Wan Wong

      Peninsula Health urges anyone who is concerned about symptoms of cancer to visit their GP as soon as possible.

      This is in line with Cancer Council Victoria’s simple message to all Victorians during Covid-19 – ‘Don’t Delay’.

      Identifying and treating cancer early can save lives. If any member of our community has health concerns, please promptly visit your doctor and attend your appointments for further investigations, or to see a specialist.

      “We are seeing fewer patients being diagnosed with cancer in Victoria over the last few months during the pandemic,” says Peninsula Health Head of Oncology, A/Prof Zee Wan Wong.

      “It is important to continue to present for cancer screening and seek medical attention for any concerning symptoms. Potential delays in cancer diagnosis may lead to more advanced disease and symptoms, and often a poorer outcome.”

      Peninsula Health’s Oncology Unit is ...

    • Peninsula Health launches Post Covid-19 Recovery Program

      The Post Covid-19 Recovery Program is offered at all Community Health sites (pictured: Exercise Physiologist, Jarrod Middleton and Allied Health Assistant, Lyn McAllister)

      Peninsula Health has launched a new program that helps community members manage and recover from prolonged symptoms of Covid-19.

      Called the ‘Post Covid-19 Recovery Program’, clinicians work with consumers who have previously tested positive to the virus to develop a care plan so they can achieve physical, social and mental health recovery.

      The program is led by our Community Health Services team and is offered at all our Community Health sites.

      Following an initial consultation and assessment, consumers are linked with a multidisciplinary team to assist with their recovery process, generally starting with exercise physiologists and dietitians. Consumers are also provided with information and education in order to establish healthy practices.

      The intensive program runs for eight weeks with follow-up consultations occurring at three, six and twelve months. ...

    • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Julian Hardy-Smith

      Senior Clinician Julian Hardy-Smith has worked at Peninsula Health for 20 years.

      Julian Hardy-Smith is celebrating 20 years at Peninsula Health. 

       The highly valued member of our Emergency Department is today a Senior Clinician with the RAD (Response, Assessment and Discharge Team), which is made up of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses. 

      Every day he and the team are supporting patients, with a range of medical conditions, to be discharged safely from the emergency department.

      Julian doesn’t want you to neglect your health during the pandemic, urging everyone to keep their health in check by continuing to seek medical treatment.

      Thank you Julian for caring for our community during Covid-19.

    • Your go to at home exercise this World Physio Day

      Physiotherapist Matt Timmers demonstrating the 'clock' lunge, an easy exercise to do while at home during Covid-19 restrictions.

      Our physiotherapists are experts in prescribing exercises for a range of physical conditions.   To mark World Physio Day (Tuesday, 8 September 2020), senior physiotherapist Scott McGill wants to share with you the benefits of the lunge - a movement that is simple does not need equipment, and targets several key physical skills.   “The lunge is helpful to anyone, especially to many of us staying at home. All you need is to be able to bend your hips and knees a bit, and have a chair or bench close by if you’re concerned about your ...
    • Click here for the latest information on COVID-19 – Vaccination Program, Eligibility and Restrictions

    • Frankston Hospital Update for our local community – 4 September

      Our services are fully operational, our people are returning to work and Frankston Hospital is here to support our local community.   We know that there is some community anxiety about coming to hospital and we want to share with you a few things to reassure you that our entire health service is safe for you to visit.   If you require emergency treatment or have ongoing appointments, please do not delay your visit to Frankston Hospital or any of our other sites.   Our staff continue to be asymptomatically tested for COVID-19, so we can be assured that they are not carrying the virus.   Our Infection Prevention and Control measures and procedures have been assessed by external experts to ...
    • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Amanda Hua

      Clinical Pharmacist Amanda Hua at Frankston Hospital.

      Amanda Hua is playing her part to care for Covid-19 positive patients during the pandemic.

      As one of the Clinical Pharmacists at Frankston Hospital, you’ll often find her reviewing guidelines and tools that support the safe and effective use of medications.

      More recently, she’s been updating intravenous infusion pumps and guideline documents, to facilitate safe administration of antiviral medications used to treat Covid-19.

      Thank you Amanda for caring for our community during Covid-19.