Rainbow Tick Accreditation

Caring for our LGBTIQA+ consumers

Peninsula Health is proudly inclusive. We are committed to ensuring that the needs of all individuals within our diverse community are met in an appropriate and respectful manner.

In partnership with consumers and carers, we aim to provide an environment that recognises and responds to individual consumer and carer needs, supports and preferences, and services that meet our consumers’ expectations.

Peninsula Health is proud to be the first health service in Australia to demonstrate its commitment to LGBTIQA+ inclusivity by achieving Rainbow Tick accreditation – to ensure that all Peninsula Health staff provide person-centred, individualised care.

Rainbow Tick is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a high level of inclusive service delivery, and reassures our LGBTIQA+ consumers that the people caring for you are aware of and responsive to the unique and individual needs of all consumers – including LGBTIQA+ consumers.

Maintaining Rainbow Tick accreditation is a priority for Peninsula Health and is an integral component of our Person Centred Care Framework and Diversity Framework.

If you have any concerns about the way we provided care for you, or those close to you, or any feedback about how we can improve our services, please contact our Rainbow Tick Manager.

Contact us

Rainbow Tick Manager
Phone: (03) 9784 7777
Email: customer.relations@phcn.vic.gov.au