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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Service Location

Inpatient Rehabilitation services are provided at Golf Links Road’s GLR Unit 1 and GLR Unit 2 and the Rosebud Hillview Rehabilitation Unit.

Contact Details

Sub-Acute Assessment Services
Ph: (03) 9784 8197 or 9784 3071
Fax: (03) 9784 2313


Early referrals are appreciated and can be made using the Sub Acute Referral (PDF 145KB). Please specify the urgency when making a referral and include all past history. Attaching a patient summary to the referral is much appreciated.

Golf Links Road Centre
Rehabilitation Unit 1
Ph: (03) 9784 8660

Rehabilitation Unit 2
Ph: (03) 9781 2388

Rosebud Hillview Rehabilitation Unit
Ph: (03) 5986 0666

About Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at Peninsula Health

Inpatient rehabilitation services are provided for patients requiring fast stream, intensive rehabilitation care. Most patients are admitted directly from a hospital’s medical/surgical unit, but patients can be admitted from any level of care, as well as home.

A medical assessment will be conducted prior to admission into both rehabilitation units and the most appropriate unit will be selected. On admission, a personally tailored rehabilitation program will be arranged for each client, in consultation with the client and their family. The focus of the program is to provide patients with their own program and care, to facilitate the earliest successful rehabilitation and safe discharge.

Services include:

  • Rehabilitation (including physiotherapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy)
  • Prosthetics
  • Social work
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Hydrotherapy and gym access
  • Neuropsychology

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Service generally does not have a waiting list and patients are usually transferred very soon after assessment if deemed appropriate.

Client progress is closely monitored by the rehabilitation team and on discharge, ongoing therapy programs provided by Community Rehabilitation Centres and other Peninsula Health Services can be organised.