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Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments will vary depending on the type of cancer a patient has and the stage of cancer.  Other factors including a patient’s overall general health and personal choices will also influence the type of treatment available.  Generally, treatment  will include one method or a combination of treatment methods including Chemotherapy, Endocrine therapy, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery or Palliative care.

Peninsula Health provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments and therapies for patients affected by cancer in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

  • Chemotherapy –   Chemotherapy is the administration of medication that targets cancer cells.
    It may be given as an infusion, tablet and/or injection, as a single method or a combination of these.  It is administered over various times in the Chemotherapy Day Unit.
  • RadiotherapyPeninsula Health works in collaboration with Frankston Private Hospital to deliver radiotherapy services.  We provide referral services to GenisisCare Radiation Oncology.
  • SurgeryPeninsula Health has a dedicated Surgical and Anaesthesia Service. Services are delivered at Frankston Hospital, in the Main Theatre, Day Surgery and Radiology Subtraction Angiography Unit, as well as at Rosebud Hospital.
  • Palliative Care – Palliative Care provides quality of life care including physical, psychological and spiritual support for patients, their carers and their families.  Peninsula Health offers a multi–disciplinary approach to palliative care that is available at home or in hospital.
  • Other therapiesThese include Targeted, Immunotherapy and Endocrine therapy, each of which may be suitable for selected tumour types.  Generally, these therapies have fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy, but are only suitable for specific types of cancer.

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