Cancer Support

A cancer diagnosis is a time of uncertainty and stress which can have significant impact on patients and those close to them. This can affect everyday life so to help manage this difficult time, supportive care is available at Peninsula Health.

Supportive care options include:

  • Psychological support; counselling and support groups
  • Information on financial issues
  • Transport difficulties
  • Rehabilitation, symptom control and Palliative Care
  • Spiritual support

Speak to your treatment team if you are experiencing any of the following situations and we will work to link you with the relevant services.   

Support for Carers 
Carers play an essential role in the life of cancer patients.  While this can be very rewarding, it can also be challenging.  All too often, carers find themselves burnt out, stressed and emotionally drained.  There are a number of organisations which provide services specifically designed for carers of cancer patients, which can include online or phone services and home visits, through to peer support groups.

Other useful resources

Cancer support and advice A Common Path   https://www.vics.org.au/smics
Carer Peer Support Counter Part
Counselling Services Australian Governments’ Carer Gateway
Financial assistance Australian Governments Carer Gateway   Cancer Council
Transportation Australian Governments Carer Gateway