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Women’s Health & Shared Maternity Care


Women's Health Services

For Women’s Health and Antenatal Clinic information including Fetal Diagnostic Service go to Outpatient Services.

There are NO  GENERAL GYNAECOLOGICAL Outpatient Services at Peninsula Health – referral options below

While Peninsula Health does have Colposcopy Clinic, Mirena IUD Clinic, Urogynaecology Clinic and Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic, we do not have a General Gynaecology outpatient service. Women who require general gynaecology review and/or intervention have two options;

  1. Be referred to a private Gynaecologist and treated as a public patient at Frankston Hospital if surgery is required. A list of hospital specialists with private rooms who can refer patients to the Frankston Hospital Gynaecological  Surgery waiting list can be found on our website (Specialist Directory- see left hand menu)
  2. Be referred to another health service with public gynaecology outpatient services.


How can a pregnant woman book in for birth at Frankston Hospital ?

URGENT – COVID-19 and GP Booking Referrals

There is an urgent request from maternity services for GPs to include baseline BP and BMI in the referral as maternity services are doing all booking appointments via phone at the present time. Please also include detailed information in the referral letter to about previous pregnancy and outcome, medications and medical history. This information is very important helps to plan pregnancy care appropriately. 

If a GP has an urgent pregnancy concern contact the AUM in triage/assessment on 9784 7959

Please see

COVID -19 Care in Maternity Women’s Health Unit

A GP referral is required for all women booking in at Peninsula Health

Referrals can be Faxed to 9788 1879

E-referral is available – see Outpatients page

All women should be referred to the Booking In Clinic (around 12 weeks). Phone 9784 2600

Referral Form- Antenatal Clinic

What advice and screening information should pregnant women be given in the first trimester?

Please go to Pathways and Visit Schedules.

The Routine Pregnancy Pathway, High BMI Pathway and Gestational Diabetes Pathway have comprehensive information on what to do during visits at different weeks of gestation in a drop down box format.

It is hoped this information could be useful for all GPs who see pregnant women in the first trimester. 


How do I organise Anti-D for Rhesus negative pregnant women routinely and after sensitising events?

Maternity Services Anti-D Information.


Routine Prophylaxis and Sensitising Event Pathways

Anti D Consent, Order and Administration