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Medical Students

Contact Details

Peninsula Clinical School
Academic Centre,
Level 3
2 Hastings Road (PO Box 52)
Frankston Vic 3199
Phone 03 9784 8505
Fax 03 9784 8135

Undergraduate education for medical students is provided through an affiliation with Monash University. Each year approximately 300 medical students receive instruction through medical rotations that include emergency medicine, psychiatry, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, aged care, medicine and intensive care.

Key Contacts

Associate Professor Debra Renouf
Director of Academic Programs
Phone: 03 9784 8505
Email: debra.renouf@monash.edu

Associate Professor Ian Carney
Year 5D Co-ordinator
Phone:  03 9784 8222
Email: icarney@phcn.vic.gov.au

Associate Professor Miodrag Dodic
Year 4C Co-ordinator
Phone: 9580 1200
Email: miodrag.dodic@monash.edu

Dr Bradley Frew
Year 4C Clinical Supervisor
Phone: 03 9784 8592
Email: Bradley.Frew@monash.edu

Dr Stella Sarlos
Year 3B Clinical Supervisor
Phone: 03 9784 8592
Email: Stella.Sarlos@monash.edu

Gina Van De Berg, Year 3B and 5D
Clinical Site Administrator
Phone: 03 9784 8505
Email: gina.vandeberg@monash.edu

Emily Berlouis, Year 4C and Electives
Clinical Site Administrator
Phone: 03 9784 7883
Email:  emily.berlouis@monash.edu


Elective Students

Elective placements are available to students in their final year of study of a MBBS or equivalent degree in medicine. Places are available to students who are in an equivalent clinical year in their own medical school and have had appropriate clinical experience or where there is a current reciprocal arrangement between Monash University and their home medical school and the applicant is at a comparable year of training. Students will undertake their elective placement under the supervision of a Consultant or Senior Registrar.  Please contact emily.berlouis@monash.edu for more information.