Organisational development

Our Employee Capability and Engagement team supports our people to discover capability building, by developing tools and resources that assist them to build their skills and abilities.

Additionally, through consultation and listening to feedback, we also consider and seek to improve our people’s experiences at all stages of the employee life cycle, from the initial welcome through to departure. We are keen to increase our understanding of what drives our people’s level of engagement and satisfaction, and what supports are needed.

Our key focus areas include:​​​

  • ensuring that organisational orientation and local induction programs are in place so our people feel welcomed, oriented and job ready; 
  • determining, administering, delivering and evaluating training and development programs that align with our People Capability Framework;
  • delivering customised training to meet departmental development needs;
  • career planning and strengths profiling;
  • distributing and analysing engagement surveys to understand the level of employee satisfaction, ensuring this feedback underpins our engagement programs;
  • ensuring that we capture, analyse and communicate the reasons our people leave through our departures process.