Mental Health Education

We offer a diverse range of education, training and development services and support to Peninsula Health Mental Health services.

Mental Health education at Peninsula Health

A variety of methods are used to deliver best practice education including simulation, skills training, in-situ scenarios, virtual platforms, elearning and workshops.

We support the next generation of mental health workers through high quality clinical placements and transition to practice programs. We also partner with universities to offer accredited transition to specialty practice programs and opportunities to attain postgraduate qualifications in the workplace.

We have a variety of in-house courses, workshops and programs available to all staff via the learning hub online.

We also support formal study, with a range of Transition to Specialty Practice and Postgraduate programs .

At Peninsula Health we support our staff to thrive with a culture of life-long learning. All our mental health staff have access to dedicated Clinical Educators. Professional development leave and study leave is actively supported.