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  • Nurse Practitioners Week: Writing their own stories, helping you with yours

    Peninsula Health Stroke Nurse Practitioner Carol Gore.

    Here at Peninsula Health, our Nurse Practitioners are writing their own stories and helping you with yours.

    Meet Carol Gore, a Stroke Nurse Practitioner caring for patients and their families at every step of the stroke rehabilitation journey.  

    She’s sharing her story as one of two thousand odd endorsed NPs this Nurse Practitioners Day - 20 years after the nation’s first NPs were endorsed. 

    “My first contact with a patient can be a few days after their stroke - sometimes I’ll be continuing their care as an inpatient and for an extended period in the community setting," says Carol.

    "I continue to care for them during their inpatient rehab journey and on into a stroke specific early supported discharge program and or continuing care in the community."

    "Sometimes I'm caring for patients for years."

    Carol says this involves working on the wards and in ...

  • Peninsula Health reaches key testing milestone during Covid-19 pandemic

    The number of Covid-19 swab tests conducted by Peninsula Health with the local community has ticked over 100,000, a significant milestone for everyone involved.

    “Thank you to every single person who has come forward and done the right thing - getting that test at the earliest sign of any Covid-19 symptom,” says Jodi Foley, Operations Director of Peninsula Health’s Screening Clinics.

    The milestone patient recently attended the drive-through Screening Clinic, located at the Frankston Hospital campus on the corner of Hastings Road and Yuille Street

    “We’ve come a long way since March. As the coronavirus situation evolved in Victoria over these past eight months, so have we, continually adapting our service to give more residents the opportunity to get a test quickly and locally.”

    “I want to pay tribute to our extraordinary team of staff who have dedicated themselves to this purpose since we opened the first testing clinic at ...

  • Supporting people with disability as Covid-19 evolves

    Peninsula Health Senior Disability Liaison Officer Sophia Westphal.

    Every seventh person alive today – more than 1 billion people in total – lives with some form of disability. Despite this, people with disabilities are still overwhelmingly overlooked in times of emergency, such as a pandemic. 

    With this in mind, to mark this International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) we’re saying a very timely and special thank you to Sophia Westphal. 

    Arriving recently as our Senior Disability Liaison Officer, she’s making sure we’re providing the best of care for every person with a disability in our community during Covid-19.

    “People with disability throughout the pandemic have experienced increased difficulty accessing their usual health and support services, as well as Covid -19 testing, assessment and treatment services,” says Sophia. 

    “My role is removing any barriers that exclude people with a disability from inclusive care - during and post the Covid-19 world.”

    For more information ...

  • Red Hill student bakes cupcakes to raise funds

    We want to say just how grateful and proud we are of little Paloma.

    Inspired by the incredible frontline efforts of so many healthcare workers this year, the 8 year old wanted to help out in her own way.   With help from mum Silvana, Paloma baked dozens of cupcakes, selling the scrumptious treats to fellow students, their families and teachers at the Red Hill Consolidated School.   When the last crumbs were all but gone, she had raised $240, donating the money to her local health service.   Thank you ...
  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Linda Gent

    Peninsula Health Associate Nurse Unit Manager Linda Gent.

    Our patients are in safe hands with Linda Gent.

    Linda is an Associate Nurse Unit Manager of 1 West, an Aged Acute Mental Health Unit. She and her team provide the best of care for patients spanning many aspects of their mental health, alongside those who live with dementia.

    A valued member of our health service in her own right, Linda is quick to credit her colleagues, noting she is “part of a much larger, very supportive team”.

    Thank you Linda for caring for our community.

  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet James Mills

    Peninsula Health Ward Clerk James Mills.

    Emergency Departments could not function the way they do without people like James Mills.

    The Ward Clerk and former Patient Services Assistant has been a valued member of our health service since 2014.

    James has proven himself a key player in keeping the Emergency Department ticking since joining the team a few years ago. From assisting with patient admissions, discharges and transfers to overseeing paperwork and assisting nurses, he is truly at the heart of our health service.

    Thank you James for caring for our community.

  • A new look for Celebrating Research in 2020

    Peninsula Health Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth, says he was "extremely impressed" with the quality of Celebrating Research 2020.

    Peninsula Health’s status as an emerging leader in innovation and redesign was on full display during Celebrating Research 2020.

    The new-look, fully virtual event ran from 17 – 19 November 2020. It featured a series of online webinars comprising thought-provoking speeches and presentations, including from internationally renowned members of the research community.

    Celebrating Research is Peninsula Health’s annual research showcase, a time for our health service to reflect upon and highlight our peoples’ valuable research achievements.

    “I was extremely impressed with the quality of this year’s Research Week, especially as we had to overcome the challenges of COVID-19,” says Peninsula Health Professor of Medicine, Velandai Srikanth.

    “We not only managed to give due credit to some of the excellent research being conducted at Peninsula Health, but were also able to have nationally ...

  • Proudly participating in 16 Days of Activism campaign

    Peninsula Health Safeguarding Strategy and Reform Practice Lead, Renée Blight (left); Peninsula Health Elder Abuse Liaison Officer, Sue Leake (right).

    Peninsula Health is committed to fostering a community free from family violence across the lifespan.

    Central to that commitment is proud participation in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, which begins today (25 November 2020).

    The ’16 Days’ campaign has a number of important goals and aims, most notably to raise awareness about gender-based violence against women and girls as a human rights issue. In doing so, it encourages both individuals and organisations to collectively strive for a community in which all forms of gender-based violence are eliminated.

    The campaign runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day).

    “The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign provides an important opportunity to increase the overall understanding ...

  • Faces of Peninsula Health: Meet Kate McGrath

    Peninsula Health Allied Health Assistant Kate McGrath.

    Allied Health Assistant Kate McGrath usually dedicates her time rehabilitating patients recovering from illness, injury, surgery and hospitalisation. But as the Covid-19 environment evolves, she’s playing a number of roles in our response. 

    On top of coordinating the ordering and distribution of personal protective equipment at The Mornington Centre, she’s also been helping patients virtually link up with loved ones.

    “This was a lovely job, seeing patients’ faces light up when they connected with family and friends, some as far away as Queensland and Adelaide.”

    Thank you Kate for caring for our community through Covid-19.

  • World Prematurity Day: Entering the world at 34 weeks

    This World Prematurity Day is an extra special one for Merae Atkin and Chris Mannes.

    The husband and wife proudly welcomed twins Charli and Cooper into the world on 8 November, who were born at 34 weeks and 2 days.

    “Having twins is amazing,” says Merae. “It has been beautiful being able to cuddle them both at once.”

    The proud parents say Charli and Cooper are doing well under the care of our Special Care Nursery (SCN), which has cared for over 1100 babies born prematurely over the past five years.

    “The SCN staff are just beautiful,” says Merae. “They are such a lovely and supportive bunch of people.” Chris adds: “They have taken a lot of stress away. The staff and the whole setup at the SCN have been awesome.”

    World Prematurity Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the challenges of preterm birth across the world.

    With the twins just ...