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Speech Therapy team delivers the answers for chatterbox, Molly

Molly with Peninsula Health speech pathologist Jessie Cafarella.  After having issues communicating, five-year-old Molly McDonald is now thriving thanks to the paediatric speech pathology team at Peninsula Health.  “Molly wasn’t talking properly so the other kids couldn’t understand what she was saying – she is a beautiful little girl but the other kids didn’t want […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Oral Health

You may look after your general health but are you looking after your oral health? “A lot of people consider their general health to be more important than their oral health – but they don’t know that they are inter-related,” explains Peninsula Health Dentist Dr Chaman Kandola. “If you don’t have good oral health you […]

Breastfeeding tips and how a special donated breast pump is making a difference

New Mums at Frankston Hospital are befitting from the addition of a new, hospital grade breast pump, thanks to local families who donated to the Frankston Peninsula Rotary 2.0 Birth Tree in 2016. “We have some Mums who are separated from their babies for various reasons – so babies might go to the Special Care […]

Kids’ Fun Run helps premmie babies like Dakota

After being born five weeks premature, Dakota Lampard is now thriving after spending time in a brand new ‘baby warmer’ in the Special Care Nursery at Frankston Hospital. “Dakota is one of many babies who benefit from the CosyTherm, which we were able to purchase last year thanks to funds raised from the Kids’ Fun […]

Passionate nurse recognised for delivering outstanding patient care

Veteran nurse Candice Mannix loves her job on our neurology, stroke and general medicine ward at Frankston Hospital. Her passion for providing the very best of care to patients has been acknowledged, with Candice being named Peninsula Health’s first patient nominated Patient Experience Champion. “It’s pretty humbling to win this award – I feel so […]

Art “therapy” for local Mum

When Helen Saigal is immersed in her art, the pain caused by autoimmune disease lupus, just fades away. “I get a lot of joint pain, cardiac pain and fevers but I find art helps me with my health,” explains the Frankston resident. “When I’m doing art I’m not thinking about anything else, I’m thinking about […]

“What’s on your plate?” – Call for residents to share their experience with food insecurity

Food insecurity does not just happen in third world countries – it is happening right here in Frankston. To help start a conversation about this important issue, the Frankston Food Access Network – a working group of representatives from Peninsula Health, Frankston City Council and local residents – is calling on locals to share their […]

The best gift you can give your family

Pat chose to put an Advance Care Plan in place to make it easier for her family, should something happen to her. Do your family know your wishes if you can’t make medical decisions for yourself? Rosebud grandmother Pat Ferguson opted to put an Advanced Care Plan in place last year, so that her family […]

Caring for the dying – an inside look at palliative care nursing

Angie Dredge has been drawn to oncology and palliative care nursing since she first started her career at Charring Cross Hospital in London a few decades ago. Fast forward to 2018 and Angie has been in the role of Director of Nursing – Continuing and Palliative Care, at Peninsula Health since April last year. “I’ve […]

Codeine changes – what you need to know

Nick Jones is the new Director of Pharmacy at Peninsula Health. If you experience chronic pain, migraines or have had a sports injury, chances are you would have taken some form of pain relief containing codeine. The common pain killer found in products such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus and various cough and cold medicines, is […]