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Latest GP News and Education

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New Fetal Diagnostic Service

The service allows women  to be seen locally for ultrasound opinions, diagnostic imaging, Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villous Sampling.

GP Referrals must be made on the referral form below and ALL the relevant information must be included with the referral. Incomplete paperwork will delay the appointment in this time-critical setting. All referrals are to be faxed and will be triaged by the by the Fetal Diagnostic Service Coordinator.

Women will be contacted and have an urgent antenatal clinic appointment at Peninsula Health to provide additional counselling before their ultrasound. Women should also be offered the option of genetic counselling where appropriate. This will be provided by Monash Genetic’s Services and referrals can be made following the link  www.monashhealth.org/page/Genetics

Referral Form Fetal Diagnostic Service

** Secure Messaging Project At Peninsula Health

Changes to electronic delivery of discharge summaries as a prelude to developing the capacity for GP e-referral

Discharge Summaries

Peninsula Health will be transitioning to ReferralNet as the preferred method of delivery for discharge summaries, with the transition scheduled to begin on 23 November 2016. There will be no appreciable impact on GPs and practices with this change. Discharge summaries will be presented to GPs in the same format within their clinical information system as before.

Electronic discharge summaries are currently delivered via Healthlink and this will continue to occur for a short period to enable gradual transition, however practices are strongly encouraged to register for ReferralNet receiving capability if they do not already have it.

GPs and practices with a ReferralNet capability will start to receive their discharge summaries via ReferralNet rather than Healthlink from the above date.

Outpatient eReferral

In addition, Peninsula Health is focusing on enabling electronic referrals for outpatient services. This will require:

·         The development of a referral template (or templates) to automate the extraction of data from core GP clinical information systems, including Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie and Zedmed; and

·         The installation of ReferralNet for sending and receiving secure messaging at General Practices across the catchment.

Practices who are keen to be involved in the initial implementation of eReferral for Outpatients, provisionally scheduled for Q1 2016, should contact the project manager for further information.

For further information on the project please contact: David Hutcheson, Project Manager (dhutcheson@phcn.vic.gov.au)

For information on your practice’s ReferralNet status, please contact Global Health:
Email: referralnet.support@global-health.com
Telephone: 1300 723 938, then press 2 for Support and then 4 for ReferralNet Support
Website: http://www.global-health.com/connectivity/

More information can be found in the following documents;



Education Events for GPs

Peninsula Health Events

Show Content

Mental Health Services are planning two more general practice education sessions in 2018 following the successful educational session on Perinatal Psychotropic Medications in 2017.

“Suicide prevention in men -what do we know and what can we do?”
Tuesday April 10th 2018 POSTPONED NEW DATE TO COME

Event Tuesday 17th of April

Hep C Networked Care: See events list SEMPHN (South Eastern Melbourne phn)




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Our GP News is sent to local Practice Managers via email, we ask them to forward it to all GP’s in each practice.

If you would like to be added to this database please contact me by email drule@phcn.vic.gov.au

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