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Ultra-Sound Machine in urgent need of replacement

Will you play a leading role in the care we provide?

Every day hundreds of people walk through our doors seeking urgent care and attention. That’s why it’s so important for our staff to have the very best equipment give our patients with the very best of care, when they need it most.

We urgently need to raise $100,000 to replace our Ultra-Sound machine, which has reached the end of its useful life. Will you help?

Andrew Bickell, Operations Director of Radiology  says, Ultra-Sound is a critical piece of equipment used throughout the hospital – from monitoring pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, in theatre and assisting with surgical procedures, to Intensive Care, and Emergency to help identify life-threatening internal issues. It is hard to believe one little machine can have so many uses, but this truly is the case with our Ultra-Sound machine.’

But there’s a problem. Our existing equipment has reached the end of its working life and urgently needs replacing.

Peninsula local, Claire*, knows all too well the the importance of an Ultra-Sound machine, after she was rushed to hospital following a bad fall.

Once at the hospital, the emergency team noticed Claire was obviously shaken but looked relatively unharmed. She was communicating well and answering their questions clearly.

But then her condition worsened – her pulse was rapidly slowing and she was becoming more and more pale. Time was of the essence to identify what was wrong. Emergency staff quickly grabbed the Ultra-Sound machine to perform a bedside scan to check for internal injuries.

That Ultra-Sound saved Claire’s life. The Ultra-Sound diagnosed life-threatening internal bleeding.

Claire had emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Now home, Claire is still recovering from her ordeal. She says, ‘I feel extremely lucky that the Ultra-Sound Machine was available to help staff diagnose the seriousness of my injuries. ‘The staff were wonderful and it was nice to be so close to home as friends and family were able to make regular visits.’ I just can’t thank them enough.’

With your support, we can buy a new Ultra-Sound machine. This piece of equipment will help give the very best of care, when patients like Claire need it most.

Click here for more information about this truly special machine.

* Patient name changed to protect their privacy.