Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the Peninsula Health Board of Directors. The primary role of the Community Advisory Committee is to bring the voice of consumers, carers and the community into strategic decision making within Peninsula Health, ensuring consumer and carer involvement in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare at the individual level as well as program, department and health service level.

Membership of the Community Advisory Committee includes Consumer Representatives, members of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer and other senior Peninsula Health staff.

As a Community Member you will bring your own diverse experience and knowledge. You will represent our broader community, and advise the Health Service on matters of consumer, carer and community interest or concern. You will also help to inform the community about what is happening at Peninsula Health.

Through partnering with consumers and carers Peninsula Health can better understand the healthcare needs of our community.

The Community Advisory Committee meets at least six times a year at various Peninsula Health sites (or via an online platform as required) and provides opportunity for information sharing, robust discussion and learning.

If you would like more information or a paper copy of the application form, please contact Michelle Daniel, Consumer Engagement Manager on 9784 2665 or email