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Within the span of one hour, Allan’s breathing had turned into a fight for life and death. A battle that
continued for nearly two years.

What initially seemed a fairly normal chest infection turned out to be Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or GBS, a disorder where Allan’s own immune system began attacking his nerves. 

“We came to Frankston Hospital… within that hour, I had crashed, ended up in resuscitation. I ended up staying in ICU for four months, until the end of March 2020,” says Allan.


In those first few minutes after Allan’s health deteriorated, our ICU team stepped up and saved his life. Because those minutes mean life or death. And with your support we can equip our team with world-class equipment to continue to save lives.





It was an ultrasound machine, and our extraordinary, specifically-trained staff, that saved Allan’s life.

We need your help to secure a Vimedix ultrasound training simulator for our ICU – and to roll out a comprehensive training package for our junior doctors and nurses to understand ultrasound images, interpret them correctly, and come up with the best care plan for our patients.