Walk to school to improve mental health

This blog was written by Kristen Young from the Peninsula Health, Health Promotion Team.

The VicHealth Walk to School campaign begins this October and is a wonderful way for parents to help their kids get active and feeling great at the start of the day.

Kids tell us they want to walk, scoot or bike ride to school, especially with their friends. Getting active by walking to school supports kids mood, self-esteem and wellbeing,[1] with those who walk to school more likely to be attentive and focused in the classroom. Walking to school also increases confidence, skills and helps kids feel connected to family, friends and neighbours.[2]

Walking to school can be a challenge for some families, so this October the Health Promotion team wants you to reduce the pressure and do whatever is realistic! This could include:

  • Parking a little further from school to get in a few more steps before the school gate.
  • Walk part of the way.
  • Taking it in turns with other parents to walk with the kids.
  • Walk one or two mornings per week… every extra step counts!

Kristen from Peninsula Health’s Health Promotion Team walks to school with her daughter when she can. “It’s a really nice time for us to have a chat about how things are going for her. We often run into our neighbours who are out walking their dogs. My daughter gets to know our local community.”

This October, the Mornington Peninsula Shire is offering schools located on the Mornington Peninsula the chance to win some great prizes if they register for Walk to School.

Prizes include:

  • Produce vouchers for local farm gates
  • Family Passes to YAWA Aquatic Centre
  • $500 sporting equipment voucher.

Encourage your school to register for Walk to School 2022 and have fun this October. Click here to register.

[1] VicHealth -Walk to School campaign

[2] VicHealth