Health Promotion – Key achievements in our community 2017-2021

This blog was written by Taylah Steer, a Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health. Infographic created by Eva Nikolitsis, a Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

Over the last four years, the Health Promotion team have been busy creating interventions and actions across local settings; education (schools and early years), neighbourhoods, workplaces and sport and recreation places. Within these places where people work, learn and play we focused on some key areas, increasing healthy eating and reducing tobacco related harm.

Some key achievements we’ve seen in the last four years thanks to our wonderful Health Promotion team, community and partners are:

  • The launch of The Community Plate and most recently the launch of its Action Groups.
  • 114 Achievement Program recognitions for Schools and Early Years Services, you can read more about some of these recognitions on the Community Health Blog page, here. As well as 24 Schools participating in the Student Health Ambassador Project.
  • 16 Healthy Eating Nudge Trials were conducted across five local leisure centres, read more on this project here.
  • 2/8 sporting clubs we engaged have now implemented the Aboriginal inclusion framework in its entirety.
  • Five leisure centres and two sporting clubs became 100% smoke free.
  • Supported the Mornington Peninsula Shire Smoke Free Policy, roll out will see 554,680m2 of smoke free area created.
  • Trialled a smoke free PA speaker system at Frankston Hospital, where a significant reduction in smoking was observed.
  • Successfully co-lead the delivery of social marketing campaign Feed Happiness, read more about this campaign here.
  • Worked with 13 food retailers in Frankston City Council to improve healthier option on menus.
  • Supported Peninsula Health’s vending machines to comply with the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choice Guidelines.

This is just some of the incredible work achieved over the past four years! Check out this infographic for a full snapshot of all the work we have been doing and some of the fantastic achievements from our community.

Our team is excited to continue this great work into our next four-year plan where we will focus on healthy eating, tobacco control, physical activity and the co-benefits of climate change. Our team cannot wait to see what we achieve with our community and partners!

If you are interested in creating healthy environments, would like to partner with us, or have a question, please contact us at: