Faces of Peninsula Health: Q&A with Amar Singh

Amarpreet Singh is a Registered Nurse at Peninsula Health, who won the Award of Excellence (General) at our Virtual Graduate Nurse Ceremony earlier this year.

Name: Amarpreet (Amar) Singh

Role: Registered Nurse

Q: Congratulations on all your achievements over the past 12 months. What does winning the Award of Excellence (General) mean to you?

A: I feel genuinely honoured to be able to represent the graduate cohort through this award. While I am grateful for the credit that I am given, I want to turn the spotlight on the other graduates who have also made it through the year. I also want to show my gratitude to the educators and the senior employees who have led by example and have nurtured us to fit our shoes as fully-fledged registered nurses. 

Q: 2020 was a difficult year for everyone across the health service, and particularly so for grad nurses like yourself. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced?

A: The hardest aspect about my experience as a graduate nurse throughout 2020 was the many changes to the policies and recommendations to nursing practice brought on by COVID-19, which were at times difficult to adapt to.

Q: On the flip side, what were some of your highlights/proudest moments of 2020?

A: This leads on from the previous question. As the saying goes, with adversity comes opportunity and growth. 2020 has tested us healthcare workers but has also better equipped us to face healthcare crises such as COVID-19 . In this, being able to see myself consolidating and improving my skills and critical thinking gave me a reason to be proud, which has definitely been a highlight of 2020 for me.
Q: What did you learn about yourself over the course of 2020?
A: I have been reminded of the importance of constant reflection on one’s own practice to successfully develop as a professional. Although we all learn the importance of self-reflection and debriefing as undergraduate students, carrying out my duties as an independent Registered Nurse and having to look back on mistakes and mishaps to refine my practice has hit me differently than just learning it through classes and textbooks. The graduate program has been a great stepping stone for me to realise this and I thank everyone involved for this opportunity.  
Q: What advice would you give to new graduate nurses coming through in 2021?
A: I want to encourage the new graduates coming along this year to never lose your smile! Keep the beautiful smiles on and beat your fears about the graduate year away. I want to also suggest thinking of the patients under your care as another member of your family, a gesture which will definitely be noticed and grow their confidence in you. The more you keep your patient confident, the more confident you become as a nurse as well.