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Surgical and Anaesthetic Services

Service Locations

Frankston Hospital
Hastings Road
Frankston VIC 3199

Rosebud Hospital
1527 Pt Nepean Road
Rosebud VIC 3939

Contact Details

Tori Shingler


PH: (03) 9784 7368

FAX: (03) 9784 2390

Any questions regarding surgical referrals, procedures performed at Peninsula Health or outpatient clinic referrals, please phone or email Tori Shingler.

About Surgical Services

Peninsula Health has a dedicated Surgical and Anaesthesia Service. Services are delivered at Frankston Hospital, in the Main Theatre, Day Surgery and Radiology Subtraction Angiography Unit, as well as at Rosebud Hospital.

The specialist surgical services provided are General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Plastics, Vascular, Paediatric Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Cardiothoracic, Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)/FacioMaxilliary and Urology.

Clinical Director of Surgery
Mr Peter Evans

Surgical Units


Mr Peter Evans
Head of Upper GI Unit

Mr Ali Andrabi, Deputy Director of Surgery
Mr Charles Pilgrim
Ms Inoka De Silva

Mr Stewart Skinner
Head of Colorectal Unit

Mr Eric Torey
Mr Tilan Beneragama
Mr Mikhail Fisher
Mr Senthilkumar Sundaramurthy

Mr Jonathan Serpell
Head of Breast & Endocrine Unit

Mr Ross Ferguson
Ms Belinda Brown
Ms Josephine Chitty
Mr Tristan Leech

Ms Patricia Terrill
Head of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Unit

Mr David Hunter-Smith, Deputy Director of Surgery & Director of Research
Ms Marie Rostek
Mr David Ross
Mr Mathew Lee
Mr David Syme
Ms Carmen Munteanu
Mr Marc Seifman
Mr George Pratt
Mr Warren Rozen

Mr Peter McCombe
Head of Orthopaedic Unit

Mr Nigel Broughton
Mr Peter Hamilton
Mr John Rehfisch
Mr Ian Young
Mr Brad Crick
Mr Richard Large
Mr Theo Partsalis
Mr Keith Winters
Mr Sam Joseph
Ms Amy Touzell

Mr Adrian Pick
Head of Thoracic Unit

Mr Sergei Mitnovetski

Mr Wai-Leng Chue
Head of Vascular Unit

Mr Charlie Last
Mr George Somjen
Mr Yew-Ming Kuan
Mr Yahya Lahham
Mr Justin Jedynak
Mr Christopher Brooks

Mr Robert Stunden
Head of Paediatric Surgery Unit

Mr Paul Gilmore
Head of Urology Unit

Mr Chee Wee Cham
Mr Anuranda Jayathillake
Mr Niall Corcoran
Mr Phil Dundee
Mr Heath Liddell
Mr Benjamin Thomas

Mr Diamo Diamantaris
Head of Ear, Nose & Throat Unit

Mr Vibhuti Mahanta
Mr Nalaka de Silva
Ms Isma Iqbal