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Specialties and Sites

Peninsula Health provides a comprehensive range of health services to nearly 300,000 people living in the City of Frankston, the Mornington Peninsula Shire and a small part of the City of Kingston.

Peninsula Health operates 21 public health facilities across 10 sites and consequently offers our nurses excellent career opportunities across a comprehensive range of health care services.

Services are provided through two public hospitals, an inpatient palliative care unit, hospital and community-based psychiatric services, inpatient and day service rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, hostels, residential aged care units and community health programs.

Peninsula Health has 798 beds.

Frankston Hospital

5 G North

Unit Manager – Dennis Brinn
Number of beds – 30

5 G North is a surgical/ medical ward specialising in the care of orthopaedic and medical patients. 5 G North utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care with dedicated physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetic and social work staff. Allied Health and Ward Staff work together to ensure the most effective and safe discharge for the patient. This may include transfer to a Rehabilitation facility or implementation of support for discharge home through the use of PENPAC, RITH, HITH, RDNS or other community service. In 5 G North you will develop skills in pre and post-operative care. This will include both elective and trauma patients and their families. Pain management is a high priority and includes the use of narcotic infusions, patients controlled analgesia and epidural/ intrathecal infusions. The Acute Pain Service provides support to all patients utilising invasive pain control modalities. Wound management is provided using the latest dressings and vacuum assisted drainage systems. 5 G North provides a dynamic and friendly team atmosphere and is very supportive and welcomes innovations.

5 G South

Nurse Manager – Helen Lack
Number of beds – 30

5 G South is an acute medical unit, including neurology. Nursing experience on the ward is comprehensive. Admissions are primarily from the Emergency department. Common admissions diagnoses include Stroke/ TIA and neurological diseases, and other general cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine palliative care and renal conditions.

The ward offers excellent experience in general acute medical nursing, with focus on neurology. This includes administration of a wide range of drug therapies.

  • Stoke management is a special focus with clinical pathway and multi-disciplinary team involvement.
  • Oncology management includes patient care during diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.
  • Palliative care provides experience in symptom control and utilise a team approach.

The ward has daily team meetings for patient care planning and discharge plans and family meetings are arranged as required. This ward has a strong focus on multidisciplinary team work, with proactive integration of nursing in the team.

5 F North

Nurse Manager – Louise Walsh
Number of beds – 30

5 F North is a medical unit with a focus on Respiratory and Oncology Medicine. It is a very challenging and demanding unit.
In Respiratory medicine experience can be gained in the care and management of patients with COAD, asthma, under water seal drains and tracheostomies.

In Oncology medicine, experience can be gained in the care and management of neutropenic patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The ward has a close association with members of the Allied Health Team to streamline discharge or transfer of patients.

Surgical Unit 5

Nurse Manager – Julie Emmanuel
Number of beds – 16

Surgical Unit 5 is a 16 bed surgical short stay unit, located on level 5 FS, which specialises in the surgical areas of ENT, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Urology and General surgery. This provides an excellent environment to gain surgical knowledge across a wide range of areas. The team on SU5 is highly motivated towards providing all staff with learning opportunities.

The majority of admissions to SU5 are elective surgical patients but we also accept patients from emergency department and from other wards.
We have a high turnover of short term patients which contributes to the unit being very busy and it is therefore necessary to work as a team and assist each other as the workload demands and be involved in early discharge planning.

4 G North

Nurse Manager – Gay Walters
Number of beds – 30

4 G North comprises of general surgical, vascular and gastroenterology patients. The ward is busy with a high turnover of patients. Patients are admitted from the Elective surgery lists, direct admissions from the consulting rooms and from the Emergency Department. Patient dependency varies from high to medium level. Epidurals, Patient Controlled Analgesia and Ascitic taps, are common place and we have many blood transfusions. 4G North is a challenging work place with a team orientated environment.

4 G South

Nurse Manager – Julie Stephens
Number of beds – 30

This ward provides care for a diverse range of surgical patients. These include thoracic, gynaecology, urology, plastic, breast and general surgical patients, providing many opportunities to care for highly dependent patients. To provide a high standard of holistic care requires teamwork and communication. On 4 G South we are proud of the working relationship we have developed with the Medical and Allied health staff.
Central venous catheters, intercostal catheters, underwater seal drainage, epidural pain management and patient controlled analgesia are all common place.

Child and Adolescent Unit – 4F North

Unit Manager – Helen Hutchins

The Child and Adolescent Unit consists of 15 beds and accepts infants, children and young people up until 16 years of age. Both medical and surgical classifications are admitted into the unit where the average length of stay per patients is 1.5 days. Whilst this unit treats all presenting children with paediatric conditions, at times transfer to specialist centres is required for those patients requiring ICU, neurosurgery or cardiac surgery, as this unit does not offer the services of ongoing ventilation.
Staff Profile – Current staff includes the Unit Manager, Associate Unit Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Division 1 Registered Nurses, Ward Clerks, Patient Services Assistants and an Educational Play Therapist. There are also Paediatricians, Registrars and Paediatric Hospital Medical Officers. There are daily morning rounds conducted by the Paediatric Team.

Midwifery – 4F South

Unit Manager – Kate Brown / Sue Sewell
Number of beds – 27

Maternity Inpatient Services is an integrated midwifery unit which incorporates 27 beds. There are eight LDR’s and the model of care is modified team midwifery. We also care for gynaecology patients when possible. The unit has a strong teaching focus and care is very much evidence based. All care during the ante partum, intra partum and post partum phases can be delivered in the same area. Some of the other services available include Childbirth Education, midwife led clinics, obstetric review clinics, Midwifery Home Care and Infant Feeding Support Services. We cater for specific groups such as young women and chemically dependent women. We lease strongly with other professionals including social workers, physiotherapists and dieticians. The care provided in Maternity Services is very reliant on team work and we all aim to foster an environment based on respect and collegiality.

Special Care Nursery

Unit Manager: Alison Conroy-Joyce
Level 2 High Dependency Neonatal Nursery
11-13 cots

Our aim is to provide a high standard of individualised care for preterm, sick and recovering newborn infants within a family centred environment.
Admissions may be inborn babies, acute transfers from local Level 1 hospitals or return transfers from Level 3 (tertiary) units.
The multi-disciplinary team involves nursing, medical, social work, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

Emergency Department

Nurse Manager – Tony Brown
Number of beds – 34

The Emergency Department is a level 2 facility that sees approximately 44,000 patients each year. The 34 bed department contains 14 monitored cubicles, 3 of which are situated in a resuscitation area. A wide variety of patient complaints present to the department for care, ranging from minor injuries to the critically ill. The resuscitation area has the ability to provide CPAP, mechanical ventilation and haemo-dynamic monitoring. The department is currently supported by expert Clinical Educators 7 days per week.

Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU)

Nurse Manager – Ann Lindsay
Number of beds – 15

The Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU) at Frankston Hospital is a 15 bed unit dedicated to expediting the acute assessment of General Medicine patients admitted from the Emergency Department, so improving the movement of patients to wards and other programs within Peninsula Health.

In addition to the permanent nursing staff, MAPU has two weekday Consultants, four Registrar and four Intern or HMO’s. Additional Consultant Physicians undertake weekend rounds.

Physician led ward rounds occur twice daily. A multidisciplinary planning meeting occurs daily between medical, nursing, allied health and pharmacy staff.

Intensive Care Unit

Nurse Manager – Peter Taylor
Number of beds – 10

The Intensive Care unit is located on level 2 between the Operating Suite and Angiography Unit. The unit is a combined Citral Care facility that caters for High Dependency (HD) and Intensive Care patients. The variable dependency level of the patient group determines the number of actual patients in the unit with ventilated patients nursed at a 1:1 ratio and HD patients nursed at 1:2. The current working capacity of the unit is 8 ventilated patients or equipment, requiring 8 registered nurses and a senior nurse in the Nurse-In-Charge (NIC) role. The recent introduction of an ACCESS nurse role to the team can increase this number up to 9 nurses plus the NIC, providing vital specialist nursing support to our team when it is most needed.

Members of the nursing team perform a variety of roles that includes Associate Nurse Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Critical Care Registered Nurses and general Registered Nurses. The team also supports the development of Critical Care Course Students, as well as Peninsula Health’s new Critical Care Transitional Program (CCTP), a course designed specifically to bridge the gap between general nursing practice and the critical care environment. The CCTP can provide a vital foundation step for staff that are looking to introduce themselves to a career in ICU, and applications are advertised twice a year. The ongoing support and development of the nursing team is provided by the dedicated Clinical Nurse Education Team that resides in the unit.

Continuing education and development of all staff is the central focus of the new nursing management team, with clinical update days and the integration of ICU seminars with keynote outside speakers, and new programs in mentorship and preceptor-ship alongside the creation of team-based interest groups, demonstrating the commitment to our nursing team members.

The ICU is pleased to have opened a dedicated office for Research within our unit and is presently engaged in several multi-centre trials alongside many Victorian and National Hospitals in Australia. We are supported in these activities through the employment of a highly qualified Research Officer position.

The team is completed by a dedicated medical team of four ICU Consultants, each working full week alongside the daily support of two Registrars and one Registrar overnight. The Clinical Director for ICU Dr. John Botha is also the Clinical Dean for Peninsula Health ensuring a comprehensive support program for all developing medical staff with education as a significant focus in the unit. Many members of the multidisciplinary team attend the daily medical rounds as well as coming together on a monthly basis to form an executive forum that tackles all the key issues affecting the ICU from a whole-team perspective.

Clinical presentations to the unit include medical and surgical cases requiring invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support, septic presentations requiring inotropic support and the use of invasive cardiac monitoring via PA (Baxter Vigilance) or PICCO catheters, cardiac support from the latest Data-scope Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump and care of acute renal presentations requiring hemofiltration (Prisma/ Prismaflex).

Other responsibilities held by members of our team include the provision of medical and nursing assistance at all Medical Emergency calls in our institution, transfers to other hospitals in the state by road and air ambulance and include future plans to develop an ICU Liaison/ Outreach Team role to support our colleagues at Frankston Hospital.

The unit has recently undertaken significant equipment upgrades with the fully integrated installation of a new two-phase monitoring system and the acquisition of the latest Puritan Bennett 840 ventilators and completion of an upgrade of all ICU beds. This year will see new ventilator and monitoring system for MRI patients, upgrades to out emergency department response equipment, a new resuscitation trolley, electric stretcher chair for patients, amongst other upgrades to stock and equipment to best support out team.

Further significant developments will hopefully be seen within the next 3-years (pending government funding) with the building of a new larger Intensive Care Unit within a completely new Critical Care Complex at Peninsula Health’s Frankston site. It is hoped that this will house 13-beds and provide the most up to date facility for critical care patients on the Peninsula.

Angiography Suite

Nurse Manager: Robert Templin

The Angiography suite operates 4 days per week (Monday – Thursday) performing cardiac angiography, PTCA and stents, and trans oesophageal echocardiography.

The unit has a modern 6 bed Day Unit which cares for both Inpatients and Day patients

For more details do not hesitate to contact the Nurse Manager.

Coronary Care Unit / 5 F South

Nurse Manager – Gill Dixon

5 F South is a combined Acute Coronary Care Unit consisting of:

  • 6 Acute Cardiology beds
  • 8 Step Down or Post Cardiology beds

The unit has the ability increase the number of acute cardiology beds according to hospital need and to monitor 8 patients via telemetry.
Patients with acute cardiac conditions such as AMI, unstable angina, life threatening arrhythmia and pulmonary embolism are admitted to the unit. Cardiac rehab program forms an integral part of the care the patients receive in the unit.
Treatment modalities may include: invasive haemo-dynamic monitoring; CPAP; Intra-aortic balloon pumping; external, transvenous and permanent pacemakers according to the patients condition.

The CCU staff attend all “respond Blue” codes in the hospital. Annual assessment of Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support is undertaken.
Self-development and education is encouraged with regular attendance at cardiac conferences.

Operating Suite

Nurse Manager – Samantha Maxwell

The Operating Suite consists of four modern theatres providing the following surgical specialities: Vascular surgery, urology, orthopaedic, general, gynaecology/obstetrics; ENT, thoracic, plastics, paediatrics and emergency surgery. The operating Suite also provides support for the Acute Pain Service.


Nurse Manager – Heather Hinrichsen

Haemodialysis is located in the Integrated Care Building at Frankston hospital. It is a 9 chair satellite unit of the Alfred Hospital, using Fresenius machines. It operates six days per week, Monday to Saturday 0700 – 2030. Two shifts are run daily, allowing 36 permanent stable patients to be dialysed three times per week at the hospital. The unit is closed on Sundays. A nephrologist is available on site weekly for regular review of patients, either at the renal clinic or within the dialysis setting.

Staff with recent renal experience are preferred, but not essential as we conduct an education program to train new staff in this specialty area.

For further enquiries can be made to the Nurse Manager on 9784 7243

Endoscopy Unit

Nurse Manager – Acting Jane Robertson

The Endoscopy Unit is on Level 3 at Frankston Hospital. We are open for business Monday to Friday.

Our dynamic team perform Gastroscopies, Colonoscopies, Bronchoscopies, E.R.C.P’s, TOES and run a pain clinic for chronic pain sufferers.

Nursing staff provide assistance to Doctors and Anaesthetists during all procedures, or are involved in recovering patients post procedure. Nurses are also responsible for the cleaning and sterilising all scopes.

It is essential we work as a team and enjoy what we do, and in the Endoscopy Unit we do both well.

If you want to know any more, just come down and say hi, we would be happy to fill you in.

Oncology Day Unit

Nurse Unit Manager – Carmel O’Kane.

The Oncology day unit at Frankston Hospital is a 10 chair Ambulatory unit. Clinical Nurse Consultants work closely with consultant Oncologists and Haematologist to ensure excellence in the provision of same day Oncology Care. Treatment management in the unit is modelled in a Primary Nurse model – each primary nurse works within a team however to ensure that care is seamless.

The unit is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 4:30pm and treats approximately 100 to 150 patients per week. Treatment includes assessment and delivery of Chemotherapy, Blood, Intragam and Iron transfusions and diagnostic work such as bone marrow biopsy. The unit organises and attends Multidisciplinary meeting for Lung; GI; Haematology and breast.

Hospital in the Home

The Peninsula Health, Hospital in the Home is an innovative program offering specialty home care services to suitable patients admitted to the unit. The Hospital in the Home provides acute care for patients with a range of conditions including those requiring intravenous antibiotics, anticoagulation, wound care and general treatments.

The main Hospital in the Home office is located on level three at Frankston Hospital with a smaller office at the Rosebud campus.

Hospital in the Home is staffed by experienced highly skilled nursing and medical staff.

For Further information please contact the unit on 9784 7241.

Rosebud Hospital

Rosebud Hospital is a 75-bed hospital which provides a broad range of acute diagnosis, treatment and care to the local community (for both admitted patients and outpatients). It is fully accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards. Rosebud Hospital was officially opened on 19 November 1961.

Rosebud Hospital is a teaching hospital and it is possible that during your stay with us some of your day to day care will be undertaken by doctors in – training, under supervision of senior medical staff. Some of your care and treatment may also be undertaken by nursing or allied health students under supervision.

The Rosebud Hospital services the southern end of Mornington Peninsula, which has a population of over 130,000 people. The population of the southern Peninsula swells dramatically in holiday periods, with the peak summer period attracting in excess of 100,000 people to the Peninsula.

The hospital is located 80 kilometres (1.5 hours comfortable drive) from Melbourne CBD on the picturesque southern end of the Mornington Peninsula.

The Hospital employs over 300 staff, many of whom live on the Mornington Peninsula.

Key services at Rosebud Hospital include psychiatric outpatients, chemotherapy, Hospital in the Home (HITH), surgery, emergency services, renal dialysis and general medicine.

Rosebud Hospital has a strong volunteer base of approximately 300 serving in nine auxiliaries and volunteer groups.

The Community and Continuing Care and Allied Health Cluster is the sub-acute arm of Peninsula Health. Skilled staff provide a comprehensive range of multidisciplinary services across multiple sites in the Peninsula Health catchment. These services provide Bed-based, Centre-based and Home-based care and integrating services which aim to ensure consumers experience seamless care across the continuum.

Community and Continuing Care and Allied Health

CCCS provides many exciting opportunities for nurses who wish to pursue a career in sub-acute or Aged care. Diverse wards provide different areas of specialty and Clinical Nurse consultants provide expertise in Diabetes, Continence, Falls, Skin Integrity, and Dementia and Cognitive disorders support nurse portfolio holders on each ward to improve the care of our patients. The dynamic Nurse Education team and access to Peninsula Health education and training, provide great opportunities for nurses to advance personally and professionally. All inpatient areas are staffed by Division 1, 2 (and in some cases) Division 3 nurses.

The CCCS Sites

Golf Links Road Site

Golf Links Road is one of the major sites within the RAPCS and AH cluster and is located in Golf Links Road, Frankston. It comprises two 30-bed Rehabilitation Units (GLR 1 and GLR 2), a Palliative Care Unit (16 beds), a high care Psychogeriatirc facility (30 beds) and a Community Rehabilitation Centre that provides centre-based and home-based care to people requiring rehabilitation. The modern Hydrotherapy pool, Physiotherapy gym and Allied Health areas are used for therapy for in-patients and outpatients. In addition, the Golf Links road site accommodates the Peninsula Hospice Service, and also a popular cafe which is open to visitors, staff and patients.

Mornington Centre

The Mornington Centre (opened in September 2007) comprises 60 geriatric evaluation and management beds and provides treatment and care for elderly patients. The Mornington Centre is located on the corner of Tyalla Grove and Separation Street Mornington.

Special features of The Mornington Centre include:

  • 20 double and 20 single rooms all with ensuites.
  • Lifting apparatus in 12 of the patient rooms and ensuites to assist staff with the transfer of dependant patients from bed to chair or bed to bathroom.
  • A number of consultation rooms on each floor for one-on-one or group therapy as required.
  • Group rooms designed for multiple purposes including patient and staff activities.
  • Secure landscaped mobility and sensory garden areas around the building, and a third garden for visitors.

Rosebud Rehabilitation Service

The Rosebud Rehabilitation Service is located in Eastbourne Road, Rosebud and comprises the Rosebud Rehabilitation Unit which is a 30 bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, and also the Rosebud Community Rehabilitation Centre which provides centre-based and home-based care to people requiring rehabilitation. At Rosebud Rehabilitation Service there is a Movement Disorders clinic and a number of Inpatient Movement Disorders beds.

Inpatients in CCCS

General Information

The Clinical team in the CCCS inpatient units include Senior Medical Consultants and Junior Resident Medical Officers, Division 1 and 2 (and in some areas Div 3) nurses, Allied Health staff including Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech Pathologists, Social workers, and dieticians who work together as a team to provide appropriate therapy to patients according to continuous assessment. Each week the managing team on each ward discuss the agreed patient goals and their progress towards these goals. Cross referral to other disciplines and collaboration within the team ensure optimal use of therapy. The aim is always to maximise the patient’s level of independence.

Some of the key areas, including Diabetes, Falls Prevention, Cognitive and Dementia Management, Skin Integrity and Continence, have Clinical Nurse consultants (CNCs) who lead the care in this area. Each ward has dedicated nurse portfolio holders who attend education and regularly liaise with the CNC regarding issues in these areas. The Portfolio holders act as resource person on the ward for that specialty. Patients are referred as required to the stomal therapist, neuropsychologist, podiatrists or external specialists.

The CCCS Inpatient Wards

Mornington Centre

The Mornington Centre provides a patient-centered model of care and has 60 inpatient beds for patients requiring Evaluation and Management (E&M). The Mornington Centre will treat about 1,500 elderly patients every year. The average length of stay is expected to be 23 days. These patients are generally the older, frailer members of the community who often have a number of co-morbidities and are at further risk of deteriorating health. They are assessed before admission as requiring a gentler rehabilitation from a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals.

Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Unit 1 (GLR 1)

GLR 1 is a 30 -bed inpatient unit which specialises in the rehabilitation of people who have a neurological disorder or who have had a stroke, those who have a head or spinal injury, or people who have had an amputation. They also rehabilitate people with general rehabilitation needs, using the multidisciplinary team to assist them to attain an optimal level of independence prior to discharge.
GLR 1 can cater for younger patients (as young as teenage) for whom they have a dedicated area. A separate dining room, and single patient rooms with T.Vs are often used for the younger patients. They are encouraged to have their children, siblings, spouse or parents stay the night on weekends or when required to alleviate the stress of being away from home. A computer with internet connection is available for the patients to use to allow them to keep in touch with the outside world.

GLR 1 work very closely with the Prosthetics Department and Physiotherapy to optimize the rehabilitation of patients with amputations.

Stroke rehabilitation is managed by a specialist multidisciplinary team. Education sessions on stroke management are run regularly for patients, their families and interested staff.

Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Unit 2 (GLR 2)

GLR 2 moved to Golf Links Road from the Mount Eliza Centre in March 2003.
GLR 2 is ‘fast track’ rehabilitation, with the average length of stay approximately 16 days. GLR 2 specialises in orthopaedic, respiratory, cardiac and general rehabilitation patients using the multidisciplinary model of care.
Many of the patients in GLR 2 have had orthopaedic surgery, either elective (such as joint replacement), or in response to a traumatic injury. Patients who have had straightforward surgery with minimal co-morbidities may only need 7-10 days inpatient rehabilitation and home assessment before discharge. In many cases, the patient will be referred to the Community Rehabilitation Centre or Rehabilitation in the Home program for further therapy.

The modern 30 bed ward is made up of 10 single rooms and 10 double rooms with their own facilities. The light and airy sitting rooms and patient dining room which have views of the gardens make the ward an attractive place for the patients and staff.

Patients attend physiotherapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy as deemed appropriate for their condition Monday to Friday. Home visits are conducted to assess the safety of the home environment and determine the need for any modifications prior to discharge. The patient’s immediate family/ carer are encouraged to participate in the rehabilitation program dependent on the patient’s individual requirements.

Rosebud Rehabilitation Unit (RRU)

Rosebud Rehabilitation Unit is a 30 bed general inpatient rehabilitation unit which also has a number of beds dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients with Movement disorders. The Unit works closely with the Rosebud Community Rehabilitation Centre which is situated on the same site and which also sees general and movement disorders patients using a multidisciplinary team model. Close working links across the site enable the staff to provide good continuity of care and cross referral when appropriate.

The patients at the Rosebud Rehabilitation Centre enjoy mostly one or 2 bed rooms with modern electric beds and televisions. Patients have their meals in the dining room to encourage social interaction.

The Movement disorders coordinator is based at RRU and works with the staff and patients to optimise the rehabilitation and management of those with movement Disorders. The nursing and Allied Health staff are trained in the specialist management of these disorders.

The inpatients at RRU attend therapy in the Allied Health area daily or more frequently if required. The multidisciplainary team which includes doctors, nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers and Dieticians meet frequently to discuss patient progress and coordinate successful discharge planning for the patients. Referrals are made to other specialist team members such as Neuropsychologists, Podiatrists or Psychiatrists when appropriate.

Nursing in Community Health

There are many wonderful opportunities for nurses in community health centres. Frankston Community Health Service employs nurses in a variety of centre based and outreach roles. Roles vary from one to one treatment interventions through group work to health promotion programs. FCHS employs Diabetes Educators, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses, Community Based Drug Withdrawal Nurses, GP Liaison Nurse and Nurses as Care Coordinators. The dental service also employs dental nurses.

Within Community Health you get work with a wide range of other disciplines from the health and welfare sectors. There are great opportunities to engage whole communities and work at a prevention and early intervention level. Best of all the work is mostly Nine to Five.