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Clinical Placements – Undergraduates

Peninsula Health provides clinical experience for undergraduate students across various sites and professional areas.


Clinical placement for undergraduate Division 1 and 2 nurses occurs throughout the various sites of Peninsula Health. These include acute care, rehabilitation and aged care. Clinical placements enable students to gain valuable experience in the various contexts of the nursing profession. Placements are organised by the individual University and TAFE colleges in consultation with Peninsula Health Clinical Placement Co-ordinator. Applications from individual students for clinical placements will not be accepted.

Clinical support is provided by either a dedicated Clinical Associate Teacher or ward preceptor on a one-to-one basis. If you are a Monash University student and would like to know more about a clinical placement at Monash please click the link below.

Monash at Peninsula Program

Mental Health

Division 1

Peninsula Health Psychiatric Service provides undergraduate clinical placements to a number of Universities including:

  • Monash University (Peninsula)
  • Monash University (Gippsland)
  • University of South Australia (by special arrangement)
  • Charles Sturt University (by special arrangement)

Students attending clinical include:

  • Second Year students
  • Third year students
  • Third year community students
  • Third year preceptored students.

Clinical placement provides an opportunity for students to experience the various roles psychiatric nurses work in. The clinical time involves a full day orientation for students, site tours and regular opportunities to debrief. Students are supported in their learning by experienced preceptors and a dedicated clinical facilitator. Clinical environments include the acute adult inpatient unit, the aged acute inpatient unit, the Community Care Units, the Crisis Assessment Treatment Service (CATS), Case Management and Consultation and Liaison.

Enquiries regarding placements should be through the relevant University clinical office, specific attendance enquiries can be made to:
Continuing Education and Development Unit
(03) 9784 7732 or cedu@phcn.vic.gov.au

Division 2

A small number of Division 2 students are accepted to complete their Community clinical at Peninsula Health Psychiatric Service. Students are required to forward a 500 word essay detailing their interest in mental health nursing and their aims for undertaking the placement.

Enquiries can be made to:
Continuing Education and Development Unit
(03) 9784 7732 or cedu@phcn.vic.gov.au


Clinical Placements for undergraduate midwifery students (Bachelor of Midwifery) are conducted through Monash University only and as such placements are co-ordinated through the University and Nurse Educator – Midwifery. Individual applications for clinical placement will not be considered. Clinical Support is provided by a dedicated Clinical Associate teacher from the Maternity Department.