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Supportopedia, Resources and useful Links

The Supportopoedia is a Mental Health support guide produced by our Carer Consultant. This guide is for Carers, families and Clients who attend public mental health services in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region – from Aspendale to Seaford, Frankston, Mornington to Portsea, and Flinders to Bittern. It also contains information related to other public and private mental health services and support services.

We will endeavour to keep this resource up to date, but if you have any further comments, suggestions or corrections in regard to how we can make this booklet more useful, please contact the Carer Consultant on 9238 8634 Supportopedia (1MB pdf)

Useful Links:

ADAVIC (The Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria)


Information about Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Generalised Anxiety, Depression, and support services.

Anxiety Recovery Centre


Information about anxiety disorders, their management and links.

Australian Psychological Society (APS)


Provides information on what a psychologist does and how find one.

Beyond Blue


Information on depression, its treatment, fact sheets and links.

Black Dog Institute


Information on depression (including during and after pregnancy) and Bipolar Disorder – specifically looking at causes, treatments, symptoms, getting help and current research findings.



Information on the symptoms of depression its causes, how to prevent and treat it – as well as related links.



Information on how people with mental illness and their carers can get the support they are entitled to, including sickness allowance, disability support pensions and psychological treatment.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)


DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.



Online depression-related information and advice on accessing professionals and treatment throughout Australia. There is also 24 hour peer support via email, the messageboard and chat rooms.



This is an Australian depression information resource with links to depression support services, related sites, psychologists and therapists in your area.

Depression Guide


Depression Guide is a searchable index of articles and personal stories, related to depression – including symptoms, causes, types of depression and treatments.

Disability Services Australia


Information on the rights of people with disabilities.

Drug Info


A searchable online library with drug and alcohol-related information.

Family Drug Help


Family-focused information about substance use-related disorders and their management.

Good Therapy


Information about what to expect from therapy and tips on how to find a therapist.



For people recovering from depression, anxiety or mental or emotional distress, this site provides information on how to get involved with a range of activities These activities include weekly group meetings, social activities, residential community and training weekends.


www.headspace.org.au/frankstonpeninsulaYouth Service for anyone aged between 12 and 25 years for low cost youth specific services for mild to moderate problems.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission


Information on your rights and how to protect them, including information specifically for people with disabilities.

Ice Action Plan


Includes information on the Ice Action Plan and details of the Ice Advice line – 1800 ICE ADVICE

Kids Help Line


Email and web counselling for children and young people aged between five and18 years.



Links and a search facility that directs you to your local Lifeline centre.

Mensline Australia


Information and support for men, especially around family breakdown or separation. This service provides anonymous telephone support, information and referral.

Mental Health First Aid


Information on Mental Health First Aid courses which is training aimed at increasing mental health literacy in the general community.

Mental Health Foundation Australia


Information on mental health, research, programs, services and links.

Mental Health Law Centre


Legal information for people with mental illness – covering issues like being an involuntary patient, guardianship, medication and making complaints.

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia


Information about mental illness, related projects, programs and services in which the organisation is involved.

MIND Australia


Information on community mental health services provided by MIND and resources about recovery and well-being.



An interactive web-based program that helps people identify problem emotions and develop skills for preventing and managing depression.

Multicultural Mental Health Australia


Mental health information translated into many languages…also links to culturally- relevant mental health services, including state/territory- based transcultural mental health centres.

National Network of Adult and Adolescent Children who have a Mentally Ill Parents Victoria (NNAAMI)


This site is run by a group of people who have experienced life with a mentally ill parent – the aim is to provide assistance for each other, via self -help support, discussion and counselling groups.

Post and Antenatal Depression Association Inc (PaNDa)


Provides information to women and their families affected by antenatal and postnatal mood disorders on the causes and symptoms of these disorders, as well as types of treatments and support services are available.



Information on treating panic, anxiety, depression and tranquilizer dependency and related conditions. Also includes guidelines on how to use medications safely, and strategies for sleep and anxiety management.



Young people-focused information about drugs, sex, mental health, body image and relationships.

SANE Australia


Mental health-related information, tips, links and online help

Suicide Helpline


Information on why a person becomes suicidal, helping someone who is suicidal, what to do in an emergency and how to cope with a death by suicide.

The National Association for Loss and Grief


Information on counselling and support services, seminars, publications and links for people who are experiencing grief following the loss of someone close to them. Mental Health

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)


Information about substance use-related disorders and their management.

Turning Point


Information about substance use-related disorders and their management and an online interactive counselling service.

Victoria’s Adult Mental Health Services


Provides information on Mental Health Service components and catchment areas. Includes maps to assist with working out which mental health service covers what geographical area.

Working to recovery


Information on Recovery Training and educational materials.

Youth Beyond Blue


The youth website of beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Focusing on depression, anxiety and substance use-related disorders, this site is aimed specifically at young people and provides information, tips, personal stories and links.

All urgent or non-urgent referrals to the Peninsula Health Mental Health Service are through Mental Health Telephone Triage on 1300 792 977 (24 hours, 7 days a week)